Does HBO Max or Quibi Get To Amazon Fire and Roku first?

Yes, Quibi screen mirroring is STILL disabled (6/16/2020) … why they haven’t unlocked this sooner is a mystery even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t solve

Mea culpa.

I wasn’t planning on writing about Quibi again (see: Quibi is the Cats of streaming services) until they allow cast to TV option, and reportedly they are still working on it, which sounds like they are trying to do by lock up a similar agreement as HBO Max.

Quibi’s negotiations with Amazon have “recently picked back up,” according to a source familiar with the discussions. With Roku, talks about bringing Quibi to the platform are said to be in very early stages; a source cautioned that Roku may walk away from a deal based on the revenue-sharing agreement proposed by Quibi. (A Quibi rep did not provide comment on its talks with Roku and Amazon by press time.)

Quibi in Talks to Bring Service to Roku, Amazon Fire TV – Variety

This got me thinking about who gets on Amazon Fire and Roku first? Just guessing, but I’m going with Quibi. WarnerMedia can last a lot longer on AT&T’s big dime than Quibi that seems to be heading toward the two minute mark holding their breath underwater.

Because who is first doesn’t matter, here’s some advice for both companies that does: get to both these platforms ASAP. While holding out, you’re just being stupid to your customers, both existing and potential new ones.

Hey, remember us, we keep the lights on.

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