Oceans Between Us

No worries about Jaws in these chilly ocean waters.

We’ve always enjoyed going to the beach, as there is so much to do there. Build a fire, fly a kite, play catch me if you can with the incoming tide. Serenity aplenty with the ocean as a backdrop.

Tides come in and go out. That sound of the waves rising and collapsing across each other. Ooo, that salt water smell.

Three months before that fateful plane crash performing “That Smell” live as a new song

At the end of this month one of the movies I’ve been looking forward to is Street Survivors (see: FIRST LOOK: Street Survivors – The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash), because here was a band rising high cut short by a plane crash. Some members survived and they carried on with the singer’s brother. Before the pandemic they were in the midst of their three-year farewell tour which began in 2018.

Of course, we all know their most famous song, “Free Bird.” YouTube has that iconic song recorded live 7/13/1977 in a blistering 13 minute performance.

For us, retirement will probably be in one of three places, if we ever do retire: the ocean, desert or mountains.

There is something about the circular wheel of life and death that these three favorite places on earth encompass: the majestic height of the mountains, the not barren, hospitable desert paradox of fun (Las Vegas!) and the cool, breezy ocean landscape.

The music of Skynyrd, free as a bird now … and the bird you cannot change.

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