TV SERIES Review: Stargirl S1E4 – Wildcat ⭐️⭐️½

Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E face off against Icicle with a school bus hanging in the balance!

Season 1
DC Universe / CW
June 7, 2020 @ 9:00pm PT (GMT-8)

Episode 4 – Wildcat

Every Sunday night on the west coast in the United States at 9pm PT, a new episode of Stargirl!

Three months ago, a Vote For Yolanda campaign at school. The question, of course, who is Yolanda? She’s Henry’s girlfriend and he’s wanting her to sext him a naughty pic. Turns out it’s all for a mean prank and the joke is on Yolanda.

Court is in her room, going through her outfit, then called down to breakfast. She is eager to recruit help for her and Stripesy. Yolanda is being picked on at school, and Court befriends her.

Meanwhile, Icicle meets the doctor in the basement by this sick painting showing the Injustice Society.

Yolanda is given Wildcat’s suit and gains cat-like powers with Wolverine-like steel claws. She shreds a toaster, walks on the fence and jumps off a building and it seems like Wildcat is ready to join Stargirl.

They join in a brief adventure to get into the hospital where Brainwave is in a coma.

Only, Yolanda is conflicted. She isn’t sure who she wants to be after the betrayal of trust and decides she needs to return to being the person she was before she can be Wildcat. Yolanda’s parents continue to be ashamed by her actions and tell her to go to her room.

Stargirl leaves Yolanda a note that she “can’t do it alone.” Will Wildcat put the costume back on? Will she team up with Stargirl? What is Pat doing at the junkyard? What’s he building? What happened at the hospital? Who else was visiting Brainwave?

Find out the answers to some, most or all of these questions by tuning into episode #4 “Wildcat”


The origin story for Wildcat was just … OK. Kind of a boring episode with no real action. Wildcat’s suit was cool, but no S.T.R.I.P.E and Stargirl doesn’t really do anything except recruit a potential new member. It would have been cool if we could have gotten a fight scene or two somehow worked in. Maybe Wildcat being able to use those claws?

There is some good mystery involving Pat rummaging around at the junkyard and what happened to Icicle’s victim from episode #3?

The least entertaining episode of the series so far. It’s watchable and somewhat entertaining, but feels like we just were being spoonfed more backstory and origin and not in the most compelling way possible. Not a fan of this episode. We’ll see if something more exciting happens next week.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️½ 

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