Tucker Carlson Trolls Celebs Donating To Black Lives Matter, Seth Rogen Pushes Back – Tucker Just Needs Some MCLOVIN!

Whichever side you fall on the fight that’s explained in this post, or even if you don’t care (my camp), Superbad is still a very funny movie, Tucker Carlson. You know you’ve watched it and laughed at Mclovin!

I rarely watch news any more, primarily since the only live TV we have is through Locast (https://www.locast.org/).

The news is too often depressing, confrontational and filled with some sort of talking heads spouting opinions I too often disagree with. I’m not picking on any national news station directly, because they all suck IMO: CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS and so on … the only news I somewhat like watching is local news.

“I AM Mclovin” … priceless!

Now, where do I receive my news? How do I keep up on what’s happening in the world? Google News. I refresh the headlines there frequently. Sometimes, I’ll catch something new on social media as well, but I don’t watch any news channels live regularly.

That will change somewhat when the presidential election kicks in. I’ll be watching more — again, through Localcast primarily. The Coronavirus coverage through reading and watching video clips online. That’s how I consume news and stay on top of what’s happening in the world.

That all said, Tucker Carlson, who I’ve seen before and don’t particularly care for his acerbic style as a news commentator apparently has lashed out at celebrities who donated to Black Lives Matter movement.

Look, as a rule, I don’t think it’s particularly wise to tell people where to spend their money. If anybody reading wants to donate money to any cause, regardless if it’s a good cause in some people’s minds or not, more power to them. It’s their money. Who is Tucker Carlson to tell Seth Rogen what he should/should not donate to?

For that reason, I’m on Rogen’s side of this argument. Not sure I’d have chosen the same incendiary social media responses, but that’s his choice too. I’ve told a few people online over the years to F off and haven’t felt guilty about it. Whatever.

Seth Rogen was vocal this past week in criticizing opponents of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as All Lives Matter supporters. Amid nationwide protests, he posted via Instagram an image of the Black Lives Matter logo and told his eight-million-plus followers, “If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me.” All Lives Matter supporters disagreed with Rogen’s message, and he responded by firing back. “Fuck off,” the comedian wrote to one All Lives Matter supporter. “You don’t deserve my movies anywhere. Stop watching my shit.” To other critics, Rogen responded, “Shut the fuck up” and “eat shit and fuck you.”

Seth Rogen Fires Back at Tucker Carlson: ‘F*ck This Pasty A**hole’

Ouch. I bet Seth Rogen sparked up a joint and chilled over it. He doesn’t really care what Tucker Carlson thinks and it’s doubtful Tucker Carlson truly cares who Seth Rogen donates money to.

This is all about ratings. Attention. It’s trolling for something I’ve not fallen into the trap of giving into myself with this post.

Ratings, ratings, ratings. Clickbait. It’s one gigantic hamster wheel of attention and why I rarely watch news.

Here’s another dove of peace for Carlson and Rogen to enjoy:


Now that I’ve written about it here, I’m being somewhat hypocritical. I don’t write about these types of obvious dustups very often as this isn’t a gossip rag, but it did give me a chance to explain something I haven’t done here before: my opinion of TV news in 2020 — which by and large I dislike. Also, how I prefer to consume news.

How do you get your news in 2020?

This leads me to wondering about you, kind readers. How do you consume news? Do you watch TV news? Do you catch it online similarly to how I do? Do you follow it on social media?

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