SmileDirectClub Wants to Take $2.85 Billion Bite Out of NBC

This story is relevant here only because it involves the parent company of streaming service Peacock (see: The Quest for Xfinity Flex required for early Peacock Access – TV Shows and Movies A-Z List), which is in limited release now (Xfinity customers only), and going widespread on July 15.

The bark may not be worse than the bite in this lawsuit by Smile Direct Club that wants financial payment for damages due to a news story they allege contained “false and misleading” statements.

First the story, then the article, then my take.

NBC News reporting on SmileDirectClub

Viewers and readers across the country turn to the media for the information they need to make decisions about their health and well-being,” the suit by attorney J. Erik Connolly also states. “NBC abused their trust by publishing reports about SDC that were littered with false and misleading statements. NBC’s misconduct not only financially injured SDC, but it also prevented patients from seeking the affordable treatment they need for their orthodontic problems and caused investors to lose millions, if not billions, of dollars

NBC Hit In The Teeth With $2.85 Billion Lawsuit By SmileDirectClub – Deadline

Sorry, I just have to ask: who signs up for a service to get their teeth straightened without their friendly dentist treating him/her/them in person?

If the first video wasn’t enough, check out this one:

Sounds like it’s meant to save money (save up to 60% over braces), so perhaps that’s the answer, but coat hangers can be used for a low cost abortions, too (no, I’m not making seriously making that comparison). The pictures of those molds people need to wear look painful, but maybe they aren’t, since they’re molded to the person’s mouth.

I don’t know how this lawsuit will work out, but it will cost NBC money in attorney’s fees regardless the outcome. That means less to spend on new content for new shows and/or greenlighting existing ones, which is where my primary interest here lies.

What’s Happening At Peacock?

Speaking of Peacock TV. I’ve been kind of quiet about them because, well, they aren’t doing that much new except monthly rotating their movie library. Every streaming service does that.

Peacock are missing some TV series that they own that I’d love to see them add like the complete Las Vegas (2003-2008) seasons. That’s one of my favorite TV shows of the 2000s (also 24!) and starred James Caan, Moll Sims, Josh Duhamel and others. It dealt with the day to day running of the fictional Montecino Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas including cheaters to trying to scam security, whales (large casino customers) being wooed to gamble at the casino, celebrity walk-ons (reminding me of the shows Love Boat and Fantasy Island), interesting and unique locals and more.

Alas, that TV show is owned by NBC Universal and it’s not even available to purchase digitally online as of this writing. This is the kind of TV series that Peacock should have, but doesn’t. Maybe it will be released in the future. Instead, they are letting DVD scalpers sell the complete season on Amazon for hundreds of dollars.

As for the movie library? It’s different than the soft launch A-Z that I wrote up (and is linked at the top of this article) and will likely change again on July 15 when they go into full launch mode for the rest of the web.

Any readers that are using Peacock? What do you like/dislike about this sleeping giant (I suspect they will be the HBO Max release of July)? Or of course if you’d like to comment on the lawsuit mentioned in the beginning of this article, you’re welcome to do so.

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