FIRST LOOK: Dorohedoro (TV Series) – Netflix

Saturday morning cartoons … for adults!

Stop watching all the depressing real violence on the news in Minnesota and get yourself on some fictional lizard head manga.

Seriously, I was hooked when the lizard-head man sliced and diced this guy Hellraiser Pinhead-style in the first couple minutes of the pilot episode (keep reading).

Oh, yeah!

I know, I know, somehow missed — argh — this uber-violent, bloody anime Netflix series (see: WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND #22 of 2020 Movie and TV Streaming Picks – Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, IMDB TV, Shudder, HBO Max, DC Universe), but it’s here and on my watchlist now.

Dorohedoro, the long-running manga created by Q Hayashida, tells a quirky tale set in a post-apocalyptic landscape where a form of magic called “Smoke” exists. Smoke is wielded by Sorcerers, who have special organs in their bodies to produce this form of magic. The story centers around a lizard-faced man named Caiman. Caiman and his friend Nikaido navigate a dangerous world ruled by magic, searching for a way to reverse Caiman’s condition.

Dorohedoro FINALLY Hits Netflix in May – Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

No official trailers to share, but have some bloody episode 1 screencaps for fellow adult animated fans. If this is what the rest of the first season is like, it’s good.

The lizard man Caiman putting the bite and blades on somebody in The Hole that he doesn’t “need”

Along with his female friend Nikaido, he violently assaults sorcerers in the Hole, with the aim of taking their heads into his mouth, where a strange face will appear and confirm whether the sorcerer he has bitten onto was the one responsible for his transformation or not. Somehow, Caiman is immune to magical effects and as a result is extremely dangerous to sorcerers.

Wikipedia description of Dorohedoro

“Is the man inside my head actually me?” — when you look in the mirror and see a reptilian staring back at you.

Originally this TV series appeared in Japan from January 20, 2020 – March 29, 2020. It’s an adaptation of a serialized Monthly Ikki Japanese magazine publication.

Have said this before, in America we think of Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks — and they are top notch for primarily children’s animated films, but Japan has some of the most bizarre and wild adult animation around.

Caiman after a heavy night of drinking throws up … himself?!

Dorohedoro season 1 (12 episodes) is available for binge streaming on Netflix as of May 28, 2020.

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      1. I have heard about it on anime communities, maybe some of them have already watched manga and subbed season. They were interested, that’s why I safely suggested you to go ahead

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