Slaying Sacred Cows – sure, bring on Deadpool vs. Mickey Mouse @robliefeld

Deadpool creator

Not a formal review or anything, but worth noting that I’m not a huge fan of Deadpool.

Thought it was a fun, entertaining movie, but Deadpool’s ongoing sarcastic monologue just wore on me after awhile. Haven’t watched Deadpool 2 yet. Deadpool 3? Sorry House of Mouse, I like the graphic tease.

Robert Liefeld’s (Twitter follow: @robliefeld) Deadpool slaying Mickey Mouse art is intriguing. Yeah, yeah, it’s just a joke and something Disney would almost certainly never do, but in my horror-friendly, adult-favored animated world, this would be the type of film I might get into.

In a dark, Deadpool way, this artwork is morbidly amusing, and there’s clearly nothing subtle about Liefeld’s gesture here. That said, it likely doesn’t do him any good to share it on social media, and at this point it’s overkill – particularly considering his previous shots at Disney. One can understand Liefeld’s frustrations with Disney to an extent; he’s obviously passionate about the character and would like to see Deadpool star in a new film soon, but something like this isn’t going to encourage Marvel to fast-track Deadpool 3 (especially with how full their plate is right now).

Deadpool Creator Throws Shade At Disney With Gruesome Mickey Mouse Art

Not that I need or particularly want to see Mickey Mouse with his throat slit, but it’s the fact that it’s so not, not, not Disney to do something graphic and adult-oriented like this, that it could be shockingly fun. They could do it at their “adult” portal (see: Hulu is the Adult/Mature Disney+, Just ask Hillary Duff) so as not to tarnish the more family-friendly Disney+ offerings.

Again, this isn’t a real project, or even a contemplated one, but would you watch Deadpool vs. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and company?

4 thoughts on “Slaying Sacred Cows – sure, bring on Deadpool vs. Mickey Mouse @robliefeld

  1. Sign me all the way up. It’s a pipe dream but I’d totally watch a Deadpool movie with Mickey and co. As a Kingdom Hearts fan it’s not something I’d be totally unaccustomed to.

    That being said, I know Disney would never do it because of their obsession with staying squeaky clean. Watching them dealing with Deadpool ever the next few years will be interesting. I’m hoping they keep it nice and R rated but that seems far-fetched.

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  2. Deadpool Kills the Disney Universe? Count me in!

    I mean they would never go full bore killing but it wouldn’t kill Disney (maybe it would) to laugh at themselves once in a while. They could always have Mickey give him a real run for his money.

    But I’m kind of hoping they bring Deadpool in through the multi-verse. Watching Reynolds and Cumberbatch interact in character would be interesting and they do seem to be pushing that as a huge event.

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