Still No Announcement for HBO Max on Roku, But Multiple Alternate Ways to Cast To TV at Launch

They are taking this down to the wire, indeed.

It would definitely be more convenient if Roku makes a deal and has an HBO Max channel, but even if they don’t this won’t be a Quibi launch without cast to TV situation: there will be multiple ways to cast HBO Max to your TV.

WarnerMedia is racing to hammer out a deal with Roku to get the super-size streamer on Roku’s popular over-the-top TV platform. But sorry, Amazon Fire TV owners: It appears that HBO Max will not be there for you on May 27.

Will HBO Max Be on Roku at Launch? Companies Are in Talks on Deal – Variety

Android and IOS users with the HBO Max app will be able to cast to TV just like any other application (except Quibi, that blocks it). Another way would be to use Chromecast. Sounds like Fire TV is out.

My guess is, drama aside, there will be a deal cut with Roku and a channel will be available. Probably the announcement comes within the next 24 hours, but if not, it will just make it a little more inconvenient for Roku users. I don’t think Roku wants their customers to go outside of the Roku UI, so my guess is if Warner doesn’t budge, Roku will.

This same drama played itself out over Fox Sports not too long ago, and Fox blinked. I’m not sure Warner has to do so here.

Who reading has their HBO Max subscription already? The $11.99/month deal is still available as of this posting, but it won’t last much longer.

This whole post could be outdated shortly after it’s posted. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Only 1 more day until HBO Max launch!

6 thoughts on “Still No Announcement for HBO Max on Roku, But Multiple Alternate Ways to Cast To TV at Launch

  1. I cancelled Netflix yesterday, went to HBO Max web page and opened account for one year discount. I use a TCL Roku TV but can only access HBO Now if i wish, but I don’t wish, I’ll wait for Max. If deal falls through I’ll cancel Max and have to eat 11.99.

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