Retro FIRST LOOK: Gargoyles (animated TV Series) – Disney+

Gargoyles, the animated series – something else to blame OJ Simpson for (see: Remember O.J Simpson promoting in 1978: “Nobody Does It Better Than Hertz”? In 2020 Hertz Filing For Bankruptcy)? The murder trial, yes, prevented viewers from seeing reliable broadcasts of the show.

(Housekeeping note: Before getting to more about this show, this is the first “Retro” FIRST LOOK we’re doing here. When you see “Retro FIRST LOOK” preceding a title it means this is for a movie or TV show we have never covered here before that is available for streaming somewhere as of the post being published. Don’t know how many of these we’ll have here, but any time you see this grouping, that’s what it means)

Back to this animated TV show from the mid 1990s.

The first season of Gargoyles saw it rise to become the #1 show in its afternoon time slot, but slid to #2 after The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit the U.S. The sensational media event the murder trial became delivered a final blow to the series. Weisman said, “There wasn’t much thought of doing a season 3. The viewership was fractured. It sounds bizarre that OJ Simpson helped destroy Gargoyles, but it’s true.”

OJ Simpson Helped Kill Gargoyles TV Show, Says Creator

I vaguely remember Gargoyles in the 90s, as there was a movie, too, but didn’t see any episodes or watch the movie. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were a big deal in our household because we had three young children, so definitely recall them. And, of course, remember the OJ Simpson trial.

Another animated series that ran around the same time was Batman: The Animated Series, which in its entirety is available on DC Universe.

Watched the S1:E1 “Awakening, Part 1” episode. My favorite early in the episode quote: “What could be strong enough to leave claw marks in solid stone?” Gargoyles by their nature are there to protect from evil spirits, so they are, primarily, the good guys despite being monsters. This is not an adult animated show, but hey, it’s on Disney+, so that should tell you it’s relatively kid safe. It seems better suited to older children or young teens. The animation quality is on par with other animated shows in the 90s.

Some fans are wanting Disney to start making more of the series. It would be interesting to see how they handled the animation, if they did greenlight a fourth season. I’d like to see more continuations of retro TV series. A few have happened but not any from the 90s or older, that I’m aware of. Let me know in the comments if you know of any.

Gargoyles – 3 seasons, 78 episodes – is available for streaming on Disney+

4 thoughts on “Retro FIRST LOOK: Gargoyles (animated TV Series) – Disney+

  1. I’m a cartoon nerd in a sense so I have a handful of continuations that occurred:
    • Samurai Jack (Originally aired 2001-2004, Revived 2017)
    • Rocko’s Modern Life (Originally aired 1993-1996, Revived as ‘Static Cling’ 2019)
    • Hey Arnold! (Originally aired 1996-2004, Revived as ‘The Jungle Movie’ 2017)
    • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Originally aired 1983-1985, Revived as ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ 2018-2020 and ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation 2021)

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  2. Thank you for those mentions. Did you notice that the animation improved with the more recent series version? (“improved” might not be the best description).

    That’s something that strikes me as difficult to maintain for continuity is the original animation feel and look which, at least for me, does make a different in the overall aesthetic of the show. In particular, it looks like He-Man would be the longest gap in your example — 35 years from the original. How does the 2018 version compare to the 1983-1985 (think I’ve seen a few of the 80s-era ones).

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  3. She-Ra’s animation is very different, both in tone, characters and animation. I think Static Cling captured the spirit of the original and Samurai Jack’s final season got the animation the best. It honestly felt like a polished version of the series.

    I’m really excited for Masters of the Universe Revelation in 2021 since it’s a) animated by Powerhouse who also did the Castlevania series which looks stellar b) it’s influenced by Game of Thrones early days (when it wasn’t incredibly sloppy) c) Mark Hamil is playing Skeletor which reminds me of him voicing the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series (my favorite incarnation of the character).

    Apologies for the long reply!

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    1. Mark Hamill as Skeletor definitely sounds cool! I love his voice work and wish he would have done Joker on HQ (although the voice work there was good). No need to apology for long comments, especially when they are well-earned as yours. Thanks for the follow-up.

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