FIRST LOOK: Blood Machines

Naked women with satanic crosses covering their genitals, a spaceship with lobster claws, a trippy 80s-like synth beat track … you’ve got my attention.

Blood Machines is a short 50 minute, three part science fiction journey that was released as a Shudder original this week.

I’ve watched it twice and still fascinated with the effects and world. It has a very 80s aesthetic, complete with synth-heavy John Carpenter-like music by another Carpenter (not related, it seems): Carpenter Brut.

Brut is also responsible musically for Turbo Killer, a music video that amassed millions of views and provided inspiration to the French team comprising the screen name Seth Ickman for their newest team effort.

Blood Machines was written and directed by “Seth Ickman,” a pseudonym for the French directing team of Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard. It will not surprise any viewers to learn that the filmmakers have worked in art direction, commercials, and music videos. While this project falls somewhere between TV and cinema, it also resembles an extended music video, as well as an elaborate demo reel and a gnarly pin-up dorm poster.

Blood Machines review: Shudder’s sci-fi oddity is like a retro dorm poster – Polygon

The trailer:

Now, check out the ship with those claws.

It just looks like a mechanical crustacean to me, and I’m digging it. Here’s what it looks like from behind:

Blood Machines is available for streaming on Shudder as of May 21, 2020.

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