FIRST LOOK: Santa Clarita Diet (TV Series) – Netflix

Drew Barrymore erotic finger sucking turns into … (see next photo)

Oh yes, these are unusual times.

The good news is if you’re looking for entertaining movies and TV shows to watch, there are tons of options. Shortly, we’re going to talk about one I somehow missed called Santa Clarita Diet.

When this blog started we didn’t do FIRST LOOK on anything except new movies coming to theaters, then because the last couple months we haven’t had any theaters open to watch new movies (except some scattered drive-in theaters in other parts of the country), we started covering new movies and TV series on streaming.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised how many entertaining TV shows there are to watch. Way too many for any one single person who works a completely unrelated full time job. So, what you get here, is me covering as much as I can of what hits my radar and either would like to watch or have watched. What I’m finding most interesting and entertaining at the moment, if you will. Most coverage will be new movies when the theaters reopen soon (still looking like July 2020), but sometimes you’ll get some of the “what we missed and caught up with.”

That’s the case here.

Santa Clarita Diet is a TV series in my wheelhouse that ran for three seasons and was not renewed for a fourth. I’m not a huge fan of zombies, but this offers a clever, often humorous take on them. It’s exciting to see Drew Barrymore, who was in Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye and Firestarter returning to her horror roots, even if it’s more satirical fare.

Meet Joe and Sheila Hammond — no, they very much are not the average couple!

I already have watched all 30 episodes of the three seasons, which again, is something I usually do only after writing a FIRST LOOK, but hey, let’s change with the times. Will there be reviews of all episodes forthcoming? Undecided.

As a mini-review of the entire three seasons of Santa Clarita Diet: the first few episodes were really interesting and super entertaining. As the series waned on, I think it sort of lost its way at times and became a bit too corny. By the end of the third season I can see why Netflix didn’t renew it, but if they change their mind and greenlight a Season 4, I’d probably see where those wild, wacky Hammonds go. Do I recommend watching this, if you haven’t seen yet? Check out the pilot episode to get a great idea what the series will be about.

Some of the screencaps that follow are going to be graphic, so proceed with that in mind…

So what does Drew Barrymore do in the pilot episode?

… ravenous finger eating, which turns into …
… a live human feast!

You can see how a long time dedicated horror fan would dig watching this. Even though I’ve been a subscriber to Netflix for many years, I somehow missed catching when it first came out. It’s a little ironically like finding out about a good restaurant in town that you’ve driven by many times and not noticed, then you try it out and it’s good, but not amazing. Is Netflix like this for anybody else?

All three seasons of Santa Clarita Diet are available on Netflix.


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