Rent or Buy Scoob! as it debuts on VOD

Scooby, Scooby Doo, we know where are you this weekend — on VOD (AKA as PVOD) and there is something unique about this formerly planned wide release theater movie going straight to streaming. See pictured above and headline.

It’ll cost you $19.99 to rent it or $24.99 for a purchase. Crikey. For a 94 minute children’s movie with sniffy reviews, I’d personally go for a rental before committing the additional $5, but the choice is yours. I appreciate that rapid release requires Warner Bros. to hike the price in order to recoup costs but still, both these prices seem a bit steep. If you’ve got money to burn though or lockdown’s become that boring, Scoob! might be for you.

How And Where To Watch Scoob! Online This Weekend

When Trolls World Tour launched I mentioned how paying $19.99 was a no brainer for a rental with our grandchildren wanting to watch, but wished we could outright buy it.

Seems like somebody must have realized this with Scoob! because for $5 more it can be owned forever. Even if the movie isn’t that good, this option for an extra five bones is encouraging.

Anybody seen Scoob yet? Good, bad, indifferent? No spoiler reviews are welcome in the comments.

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