COVID-19 Parties? Proof That Not All Human Life Is Intelligent

Outbreak ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Whenever you doubt the stupidity of some human beings, look no further than those organizing and attending these so-called COVID-19 parties.

Yes, parties designed for attendees to intentionally contract the virus from infected.

Health officials in Walla Walla, Washington, are admonishing the sudden rise in so-called “Covid-19 parties” where non-infected guests mingle with those who have tested positive for the virus, ostensibly in hopes of speeding up the process of catching, and overcoming, the virus.

‘It’s irresponsible’: Washington state sees sudden rise in Covid parties | World news | The Guardian

(Why does this have to come out of the state where we live, anyway? Sigh)

These parties aren’t unprecedented in history, as the linked article indicates. There were ‘Pox’ parties too, once upon a time.

The Simpsons have always had forward thinking humor. Proof that this show has had some of the best writers in entertainment.

Seriously, people, please don’t attend COVID-19 parties. Doubtful that anybody reading this would consider attending one, but if you are stopping by to say you’re all about it. Please use the comments to explain why. Won’t hold my breath, but hey, the internet is a big place.

I don’t mind making a PSA for this. If someone wants to be part of a scientific experiment, then contact those who are developing vaccines and offer to be a COVID-19 human guinea pig. God bless anybody wanting to help in the process of developing a vaccine. That is intelligent and helpful.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 Parties? Proof That Not All Human Life Is Intelligent

  1. I personally wouldn’t mind participating if someone asked. The normal mindset is “no” though. Today I was with my family eating some Chipotle for lunch and we all agreed that it’s highly probable that the Chinese MADE the virus and spread it.

    I’m ashamed of the imbeciles who run the governments of the World today….

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    1. Sorry for the delay, we were taking a little time away. So. to help clarify (no judging, just curious), you’d be in favor of attending a COVID-19 party or offering to be a COVID-19 human guinea pig to aid the successful creation of a vaccine?

      Suppose that I can see some minor upside to this for younger people (assuming that you can’t recontract the virus, otherwise what’s the point in getting sick just to be able to get sick again in the future — but nobody knows that yet), but this thing for senior citizens — an age bracket we’re heading toward — could be a form of suicide.


      1. On second thought, I probably wouldn’t participate after learning from foreign news networks that the virus is not much worse than the modern flu. Everyone is just seriously overreacting.

        If you’re having lung issues or reaching an elderly age, that’s a problem.

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