HBO Max to have 17 Anime TV series from Crunchyroll available at launch

Joker inside Arkham on Harley Quinn S2:E6 via DC Universe, the sister service of HBO Max

The anime is coming, the anime is coming — to HBO Max, courtesy at least in part of Crunchyroll.

One adult animated series that I’ve enjoyed — Harley Quinn — has led me back into the adult animated world, as well as comics, with more increased interest and excitement. A year ago, I had little to no interest in animated films. This shows how one great movie or TV series can alter where one spends their time.

HBO Max has also commissioned an adult animated holiday series called Santa, Inc with voice roles by Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen (source). With Rogen involved especially, visions of the extremely adult Sausage Party are coming to mind.

As for the anime that will be available on HBO on May 27 launch?

HBO Max subscribers will be able to stream 17 different anime series currently available on Crunchyroll, including Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-(Director’s Cut), and Keep Your Hands off Eizouken. Crunchyroll will curate new anime content for HBO Max subscribers every three months, according to WarnerMedia, with popular series Hunter x Hunter and Death Note coming to HBO Max later this year.

HBO Max will use anime from Crunchyroll to compete with Netflix’s growing empire – The Verge

Bring on the animation, HBO Max. Looking forward to the launch at the end of the month to see if it is more of a splash than Peacock (see: The Quest for Xfinity Flex required for early Peacock Access – TV Shows and Movies A-Z List) has to date. Peacock is gearing for a launch for non-Xfinity customers in July.

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