Love Is Blind Participants We Want To See More (and less) + Season 2 Challenges

Love is Blind Season 1 ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

To all the mom’s out there, today is Mother’s Day 2020, so happy Mother’s Day! Love is definitely blind with moms, so celebrate these wonderful women everywhere, every time, but especially today — her day.

Now, to the post topic at hand.

It’s been over a month since watching the reality TV relationship experiment and there are some participants I’m seeing or hearing news about and others I’d be interested in learning more about.

The producer said there are like 300 hours or unseen tape, “enough for 20 shows”, so here’s to wanting to see another follow-up episode or two covering the following people.

Rory – the counselor, the “plant”

This counselor/friend of multiple participants was prominently featured in season one first episode and then just disappears from the show. There was also a triangle between Rory, Danielle and Matt:

Danielle became engaged to Rory but ended up having a two-month relationship after the show with Matt. Both of Danielle’s romances had a roller coaster of emotions, but they helped lead her to her “healthiest” relationship, her current relationship with her new boyfriend.

Love is Blind’s Matt Thomas Calls it a ‘Relief’ to Not Have His Story Shown

Taylor – the virgin

Confessed virgin during the show, Taylor, apparently had interest in several women — and it was at least somewhat reciprocated — but he also couldn’t make a successful connection. What happened to him?

There are stories about him being somewhat possessive with his connections in the commons area with the men. Is that true? Surely, footage exists to support this story.

Jon – the CEO with the bizarre pod questions

A whole episode, maybe two could be devoted to Jon and more of his awkward questions. This made for really compelling TV.

Bonus extra outtake Jon episode, please!

The girl who hates hearing others breathe

She was a spirited participant, so let’s learn more about her.

What were her pod dates like with Jon?

Nick & Vanessa Lachey – The hosts we barely saw

At the beginning introducing the show format and later in Mexico and at other introductory moments, we see the hosts.

We didn’t see it in the show, but it sounds like Nick and Vanessa Lachey had a lot more interaction with the participants than shown in the episodes. How about an episode or two showing their Q&A after the pod dates, perhaps their own commentary on who seems attracted to who and whether or not they think a connection is in the works.

Love In Sight Podcast shares a lot of behind the scenes details

If you want to learn a lot more about people we did and didn’t see, then I recommend listening to the good podcast, Love In Sight. It is co-hosted by the real participants of the show, Gi, did the first nine episodes, and now for a “few weeks” it’s Barnett along with the primary host Matt “Money” Smith (why he’s called “money” I don’t know).

New episodes are available every Tuesday and drop around 1pm PT (GMT-8).

Next Love Is Blind to be taped in Chicago?

Casting for season two is happening in Chicago at the moment with the casting team looking for the right mix of participants for the “experiment.” I like how they refer to it that way and not as some reality dating show. This is what makes this show more compelling is that it doesn’t feel as shallow and phony as other relationship-related dating shows. Too Hot To Handle, for example, is all about the drama and tension, complete with a sarcastic narrator bagging on the participants stupid actions.

There are challenges with filming anything right now, as evidenced by various news articles.

What is unclear at the moment is exactly how producers plan to move ahead with shooting the show post-COVID-19. According to Kinetic Content, right now the casting process is all they have control over, and thoughts beyond finalizing the singles haven’t been decided. The details on how the singles will live or if the show would be altered on capturing moments outside of the pods hasn’t been revealed or planned out. What will not change is the premise that the singles won’t get a look at their potential love interest but only hear their voices while isolated in the pods. All eyes will be on Illinois and the City of Chicago

How Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ Is Forging Ahead with
Its New Season During Quarantin

Whenever they get production started, my guess will be maybe in the fall 2020, just like season one that started filming in October 2018, I think we might have a chance at seeing season two on Valentine’s Day 2021. This assumes life can return to normal, of course, by the fall. Some signs of that happening have already begun.

In the interim, Netflix could pony up for another interim bonus episode or two beyond the reunion episode. Several ideas exist above, but those might focus a little too much on the reality TV train wreck. The producers and Netflix might want to keep a little more respect in tact with this show, since it has ordered two more seasons.

Cost surely shouldn’t be that much of an issue to edit some additional love stories, yes, even if we know how they ended up after the fact, we don’t know what happened in the pods and commons areas. Wouldn’t be surprised if they do something with that footage to at least promote and market season 2.

Love is Blind Season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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