DC Universe Is A Great Niche Streaming Service – Leave It Alone Already

Just a mere few of the 22,000+ comics available to read on DC Universe

Shudder is a great niche streaming service for horror, and DC Universe does the same for comics and animation.

If you don’t like horror, you won’t like Shudder. Same goes for comics and animation with DC Universe. I don’t understand why people need to constantly worry about the fate of DC Universe, as if AT&T needs to force Warner Bros. to shutter it, just because they have HBO Max?

DC Universe isn’t intended to compete against Netflix, Amazon Prime or even HBO Max. Apples and oranges.

But it sounds like being niche and small is an issue for many people concerned about its fate.

“Most of the people who I’d worked with were confused about what HBO Max means for DC Universe,” said another former Digital Labs employee, who exited last year and also requested anonymity to protect career prospects. “It seems like DC Universe is emphasizing its comics and nobody really seems to know where video falls into that.”

DC Universe streaming future as WarnerMedia’s HBO Max launch: Analysis – Business Insider

HBO Max will not have the community feel that DC Universe has. They have a very passionate comics and animation-oriented crowd that gather and discuss DC-related and sometimes non DC topics. One thing that raises the ire of many in that community is the endless flow of negativity in the media regarding DC Universe being closed because it’s not an important asset or valuable or whatever swipe at what’s being done.

Here’s an idea for the DC Universe naysayers that enjoy comics and animation: go try it out! Get involved like I have, and just love it for what it is, not what others want it to be. It doesn’t need to be an HBO Max with a bunch of TV shows and live action movies.

I’ll say this, if you love reading DC Comics, there is no better fix than DC Universe. And they have the best new adult animated series I’ve seen: Harley Quinn. I think of that series as fondly as the first few seasons of The Simpsons. It’s that good, yes.

Or for those negative Nancys and Normans out there, keep bashing the niche services so the corporate clones that run the parent companies — and trust me, I’m not a fan of AT&T— decide to kill the services. Enough negative media coverage and my fear is they’ll pull the plug. Keep the shareholders happy, even if they kill some golden gooses in the process.

Those of us who love these niche services will be the losers.

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