TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E6 – All The Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
May 8, 2020

Episode 6 – “All The Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues”

Harley and Ivy sharing some girl bar talk and a game of Marry F**K Kill when Harley spots a familiar face.

Harley tells Ivy that the bartender shares a striking resemblance in makeup to … JOKER. Ivy doesn’t see the resemblance at all.

Harley then explains that it must be him, because she saw it on WayneTube, and then shares the phone image with Ivy.

Ivy is more convinced when seeing the bartender in Joker makeup … hmm, is it him? Really?

They confront the bartender, but don’t say anything to him about his familiarity to Joker. Then, there is a flashback to Arkham with Dr. Harleen Quinzel first arrival. A locked up Poison Ivy is going off, tearing up guards with plants. Ivy is tranquilized.

Harley is tasked with psychoanalyzing the imprisoned Joker and trying to find the location of a hidden bomb threatening Gotham.

Will Joker give up the location of the bomb? How do Harley and Ivy develop their relationship? What happens with Joker? You’ll need to tune into this episode to learn this and more.


Am not normally into flashbacks, but this one was great. It wasn’t just there to eat up episode time, it covers some important backstory we haven’t been given to date in the series and there is a nice subplot involving Joker and Two-Face.

Nice to see how Harley and Ivy met and how they became friends. The whole whether or not Joker is back? Whatever is the outcome (you’ll have to watch), the show would be better having his maniacal laugh around. Two-Face representing in both his flashback version with his face normal and present day monstrous appearance.

No Clayface Frank the Plant (we need our dose of Frank! Where is his back story?) and very little Dr. Psycho.

This episode is much stronger than the last one. Certainly in my top 10 of the 19 total episodes seen to date.

There are seven more episodes of this excellent series remaining. TGIF, an awesome way to ring in the weekend with a new Harley Quinn episode. Recommended.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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