Of Course Duffman, Hank Azaria, Insures His Vocal Cords – any guesses on the premiums?

The Simpsons Movie ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Hank Azaria will go down in history — if he isn’t already there — as one of the greatest voice actors of all time. He’s a very good live actor, too, remember him in Friends as Phoebe’s boyfriend? The guy is just a major talent and seems like a good, fairly humble guy.

Conan O’Brien conducts an awesome stay at home interview with Azaria where they get into the hardest Simpson voices Azaria has to do, the ones he likes doing best, and so on. And then they diverge into how Azaria got scared and decided wisely that he needed to insure his vocal cords.

“There are certain voices I save, like Duffman will blow me out in a second,” he told Conan. “I have to save Duffman for the end and I actually dread it. It actually does hurt, but I am not complaining.” Azaria then told a story that is every voice over actor’s worst nightmare. “My voice blows out rather easily, so I have to watch it. I was having a rough time in my life, and I got into a screaming match,” he said. “I totally blew out my voice and it didn’t come back for almost two weeks. I scared myself so bad that I actually got my vocal cords insured. Really.”

There’s One ‘The Simpsons’ Character That Hank Azaria ‘Dreads’ Doing The Voice For

If you haven’t seen Conan’s excellent interview, check it out:

Just try not to laugh at the excellent talent that’s Hank Azaria

It amazes me how many different voices Hank Azaria can do. Just try doing more than five different voices consistently. Azaria does 30-35 regular Simpsons voices, by his own account.

Any guesses what sort of insurance premium he pays to insure his voice? I don’t know, just throwing that out for fun conversation. $25,000 a year for a $10 million? $100,000 a year for $100 million?


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