9+ Dangerous Lies Reviews – Twisting, Turning, Unoriginal

Dangerous Lies ⭐️⭐️

Not even the accomplished Elliot Gould can save this movie.

….the biggest surprise on Dangerous Lies’ cast list is actually old-school Hollywood royalty in the form of Elliott Gould, who plays Leonard. While modern audiences might know the actor best as Ross and Monica’s dad on Friends, as a member of Ocean’s Eleven, or from Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, Gould was a mainstay of late ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s cinema. Gould played Trapper John in the film MASH, which inspired the hit sitcom, portrayed Raymond Chandler’s iconic private eye Phillip Marlowe in Robert Altman’s experimental mystery flick The Long Goodbye, and scored an Academy Award nomination for his role in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

Read this before you see Dangerous Lies

…you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Chemistry-less Married Couple Characters

Hate it when married couples aren’t compatible. These two characters seem to have very little to nothing in common. Furthermore, zero passion. When these are main characters in the story, like here, even worse.

Elliot Gould Mails It In

Hate to say the great Elliot Gould would just mail in his lines, but he didn’t seem that excited, even playing an old man character that needs a caretaker. His character did, however, have some friendly chemistry with his caretaker. I believed he might will her some money, but his entire estate definitely stretches credibility.

Sluggish, uneven pacing for a thriller

This movie decides to be a thriller in the last 20 minutes. Up until then, it seems like a mystery that, as I described in my review, a layer of onions being peeled to reveal another layer and another. It all unfolds way too slowly. It’s paced enough to maintain interest — barely.

Police are too dumb for a good mystery

If Sherlock Holmes was investigating this story, it would have been solved in a few minutes. The female investigator doesn’t smell something afoul sooner? Why no search warrant to go through the property and find that dead body? The body is cremated with an estate of decent size in the balance? Hmm, all seems pretty suspect to me. If you want to win a game of Clue, play with the people in this police department.


These type of movies are the most frustrating because you see potential in the story. It’s not a terrible film, but it’s not a very good one due to numerous basic storytelling and characterization flaws. It was good enough for me to follow through to the ending, but when that is resolved with guns so quickly and all too neatly, I was left disappointed.

Reviews by Others

What are others saying about Dangerous Lies?


  1. Eamon Hennedy / streamingonthetelly: “It’s not unwatchable, it’s got a certain cheesy level of fun, but it’s also bland and somewhat forgettable and never does anything to surprise you or shock you.”
  2. Networthy Newz: “…isn’t Oscar bait, but it absolutely delivers what its extremely straightforward title promises. There’s no end to the dangerous lies the characters tell, and they’re all overly dramatic in a way that adds to the film’s pulpy tone.”

Not Recommended

  1. HCMovieReviews: “…is nowhere near the quality of any even any decent thrillers that have come before it yet similarly it isn’t over the top enough to become “so bad it’s good”. Falling into neither category this Netflix thriller is doomed to be nothing more than a bland and unmemorable entry into the streaming platform’s ever expanding collection.”
  2. Lee Butler / Movie Meister Reviews: “Just go watch Knives Out, it’s basically the same plot except done by people who gave a damn.”
  3. Luke’s Living Room: “The entirety of Dangerous Lies feels like a first act, proving that the filmmakers don’t really understand pacing. Or, for that matter, what a thriller is.”
  4. Ready Steady Cut / Daniel Hart: “…is often substandard with on-the-nose dialogue to keep it going, so luckily this film will not storm the world. But it’s easy to be irked by the treatment of the only black character in the story.”
  5. Tracy Low / Tracy’s Screen Blog: “Give this a miss, especially if you like Mendes because I’m sure you don’t want to see Veronica Lodge running errands while wearing denim.”
  6. Trailer Trashed: “For a thriller, it takes a really long time for any thing even approaching threatening to begin to happen.  And it telegraphs its surprises very clearly the whole way through.”
  7. Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: “…can be easily missed, it’s one of the worst things on Netflix this year, but if you really want to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, you might get something out of it while it is on in the background with a glass of wine and some girl friends over.”

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