TV REVIEW: Bloodride Season 1 – All 6 Episodes Rated and Reviewed

Somehow I missed this Norwegian anthology horror TV series, Bloodride on Netflix released Friday the 13th – March 13, 2020. There are six episodes total with one story per episode.

The basic concept follows a bus with a creepy driver (is that Mr. Death?) with each passenger getting off at a stop being a new story.

This is a show that I would have been very excited to watch on its release. Alas, I’ve been digging around in the streaming services lately and quickly uncovered this and other shows I’d like to watch. The watchlist grows!

These are SPOILER reviews, by the way, so if you enjoy anthology horror shows, go check this out on Netflix and come back afterwards. Am I recommending watching? Yes, especially for those who enjoy anthology horror.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Episode 1 – “Ultimate Sacrifice”
Air date: March 13, 2020
Run time: 31 minutes

A couple moves out of the city due to financial problems. They soon notice a lot of neighbors oddly cuddling their animals.

Out in the woods one day, the wife observes one of the animals being killed on a sacrificial stone. She is told how sacrifices can lead to a huge windfall of money. Soon, the woman learns the darker secret between sacrifice, bonding and earning greater rewards.

This was a curious story to kick off the series. Those turned off by animal violence might cringe, but no real animals were harmed. It’s the kind of visceral imagery, however, that will disgust and disturb viewers. I liked the episode.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Episode 2 – “Three Sick Brothers”
Air date: March 13, 2020
Run time: 27 minutes

Three brothers are heading to a cabin in the woods. They pick up a woman to party with them. As the party gets more intense, we learn one of the brothers just got out of a mental hospital. Meanwhile, his mom is trying to catch up with him to deliver the truly mental news.

This episode, despite the numerous twists and turns doesn’t quite have the shock value of the first one. It’s entertaining enough, but there are far better stories.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Episode 3 – “Bad Writer”
Air date: March 13, 2020
Run time: 27 minutes

Student and teacher in sort of a grudge match of words on the computer that can literally come to life.

Not sure if this is a nod to Stephen King or what, but he’s been all over this type of story before. And his writing was better.

Points for the laptop turning into a chomp-hungry mouth. That’s a great visual. It’s a little like going the bathroom and having a fear of something reaching up.

The dubbing in this episode is terrible. It’s really pretty bad in the whole series, in fact. It’s so jarring hearing someone talk and a mouth not move.

Not a fan of this episode, kinda mediocre.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️

Episode 4 – “Lab Rats”
Air date: March 13, 2020
Run time: 32 minutes

An executive tries to figure out who is leaking intel on their secret project. He traps key members of his staff in a chamber in the building and sadistically turns on gas. He leaves them with a clue as to how they can find the clue and get out.

Ah, another one of those delicious little table turning tales (say that three times fast).

“If you love me, you’ll get out in no time.”

Bam! That’s the best line of dialogue in this corporate horror tale.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Episode 5 – “The Old School”
Air date: March 13, 2020
Run time: 28 minutes

A woman searches for answers in what happened to the children at an old school.

Chalkboards that write on themselves. Those who like ghosts and spirits in eerie locations will have something to bite into here. Me? This was the weakest episode of the six, although fans of children ghost stories might enjoy.

Dug the violent ending, however.

Rating: ⭐️½

Episode 6 – “The Elephant in the Room”
Air date: March 13, 2020
Run time: 27 minutes

An office costume party from hell. An awkward speech by the boss about how good the company did and then sort of segues into what happened to one of their fellow employees, Martha.

William in development is the person wearing the Dumbo-like costume, right? Helene and William were working on a project and then Martha just “fell” on her face. A freak, bizarre accident.

Horrific use of a paper cutter. Ouch, I could feel that. They should have gone all the way with this angle. Use different typical office items for creative kills.

A twist ending works best when you don’t see the twist coming. Kinda did here. Overall, though I was entertained and enjoyed.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary of Season 1

The bus idea could have been exploited a bit more in at least one of the episodes. Instead, it’s just a way to introduce a character in the story. A wraparound bus driver or bus story would have been cool. Similar to how paintings were used in Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. Then again, cool concept having the bus with people being dropped off having different stories.

I don’t know if Netflix will greenlight another season of this series, but it is a competitor to Shudder’s Creepshow. Not as good, mind you, but has potential.

Overall season 1 rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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