FIRST LOOK: Love, Death + Robots (TV Series) – Netflix

During our current times, we’re constantly reminded just how massive the amount of movie and TV series choices are out there. This title I’ve seen, but had no idea what the lineage and inspiration behind this Netflix Original TV series was until digging into research on a classic adult animated film I enjoyed almost 40 years ago.

If someone tells you there is “nothing to watch” they clearly haven’t spent much time looking. Right now there is a huge amount of original content being produced everywhere: streaming channels wanting originals so people will (stay) subscribed, movies, TV … it’s a great time for movie and TV fans.

After the successful Yellow Submarine watch-a-long on Saturday (see: Just Watched The Beatles Yellow Submarine with 71,000+ People), I was reminded of itching to rewatch and review the 1981 classic, Heavy Metal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½, which served as inspiration for creator Tim Miller’s Love, Death + Robots.

Love, Death & Robots is a collection of animated short stories that span the science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy genres. With a bold approach to each story?s narrative, episodes are intended to be easy to watch and hard to forget.

Love, Death & Robots – Rotten Tomatoes

The trailer:

Official trailer for Love, Death + Robots

Love the teaser, “short, sweet … lethal.” Looking over the run times, the 18 season one episodes are around 10 minutes or so each, which is definitely on the shorter side, but those can be ike little bites. Sharp, quick and nasty. I’m looking forward to checking this out. Know I’m very late to the party because this came out over a year ago in March 2019, and a second season has been greenlit. Reviews for the entire first season are scheduled.

Love, Death + Robots Season 1 (18 episodes) is available for streaming on Netflix.

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