After The Coronavirus Ends, 49% Poll Respondents Say They Won’t Immediately Return to Movie Theaters, “possibly never”

We can’t wait to fill these comfy recliners at the movie theater again … but some others disagree

Never say never.

Once the pandemic ends better than half polled said their attendance to movie theaters won’t change, but that’s not the troubling data in this poll.

The news for movie theaters was particularly grim, with 49% of respondents saying it would take “a few months” to “possibly never” for them to return, and 28% saying they will attend movie theaters less often once they’re safe. While 15% of respondents said they plan on going to the movies more often post-pandemic (and 58% said their attendance won’t change),

Coronavirus Pandemic Could Erode Movie Theater, Concert Turnout – Variety

Hey, it could be worse. 72% of sports fans polled say they aren’t coming back to stadiums until there is a coronavirus vaccine.

Back to the moviegoer poll. They’re saying the margin of error is ~3%, but I don’t buy how 1,000 people polled can be that accurate of the larger population.

Our behavior almost certainly will not. We’ll (hopefully, if still available) have our unlimited monthly movie passes reinstated (come to think of it, what if those are no longer available when the theaters reopen???) and return to watching all wide releases in the movie theater, as we were before this craziness began.

The S&P recently downgraded AMC’s rating and there is speculation they may never open again (I think that’s unlikely — somebody probably buys out the theaters at least — but the longer this drags on, the more leases won’t get renewed and theaters will continue to close).

If AMC is success in gaining financing through the CARES act, they may be able to keep their doors open. However, that will all depend on when everything is able to get back to some form of normalcy. For now, it doesn’t look good, which means everybody may have to stay indoors for a lot longer than expected.

AMC Theatres May Never Recover and Shut Down for Good – MOVIEWEB

How, if at all, will your behavior change once the movie theaters reopen?

What will you do when the movie theaters reopen? Will you attend more movies, less, or about the same amount? Will you go at different (perhaps less busier) times?

5 thoughts on “After The Coronavirus Ends, 49% Poll Respondents Say They Won’t Immediately Return to Movie Theaters, “possibly never”

  1. I’ll go once it’s definitely safer to go (when that will be no one knows, but I’m erring on later as opposed to sooner). I live with at-risk people , so the chance of bringing it back is enough of a deterrent. That being said I know I’ll eventually go back to theaters. They’re a home away from home.

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    1. Yes. the key word there is “safe.” The movie theaters in our area were already adopting the social distancing guidelines … every other seat essentially. With the recliners that’s pretty decent spacing. We will probably do even more matinees and other less busier times than we would.

      Even before social distancing we tried to “keep our distance” from other moviegoers. I should probably whip up a post on annoying moviegoer traits lol. I remember this one guy we sat next to who made this very loud bag shake with his popcorn. I guess this is how he made sure butter got moved around on the popcorn and maybe once or twice, but dude was doing this like every couple minutes throughout the movie. Shut up, already! lol

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  2. I am not sure what I will do. I am an AMC A Plus member and went regularly about 2-3 times a week. But my health is more important. Frankly I have been pretty busy writing and have had little time to watch the movies I have at home. So, I might not go back. It just all depends.

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    1. I wonder how many are similar to your circumstance and feeling? This has changed — at least in the short term anyway once everything reopens — people’s comfort level and safety around others.


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