Is The Star Trek Universe Played Out?

The End is the Beginning — that’s the way it is for a universe as expansive as Star Trek

No. That’s the answer to the headline. Louder, no.

There are plenty of great stories in the Star Trek universe that can be told on streaming, in movies, books and more. The galaxy is massive and dare I suggest provides nearly limitless creative potential.

We might disagree on the most recent two Trek ventures (Discovery and Picard), but to suggest any one bad movie, TV show, book, story, etc can ruin the future story potential is silly.

(would say the same thing about the Terminator franchise, btw)

On the heels of my last post: CBS, please scrap Star Trek: Picard Season 2 and give us Star Trek: Next Generation Titan which generated a drive-by disagreement comment (hey, come back, I wanted to discuss the topic in greater depth!), comes a post with 10 more Star Trek series ideas for CBS All Access.

But Star Trek has been making TV shows, movies and more since 1966. There are an incredible number of opportunities for more series, mini-series and movies for CBS All Access.

10 NEW Star Trek Series For CBS All Access We Want To See

Some of the 10 ideas suggested in the linked article quoted above I really liked. The Galactic Core and Holodeck ideas stood out. I’m the type of creative person who looks at this well of creative goodness and sees immense opportunity.

My Twilight Zone TV Series Pitch

I can’t recall ever writing any fan fiction, but the closest I could see myself writing would be some kind of Twilight Zone stories. The coolest thing I’d like to see are an extension — not a reboot — of the original Twilight Zone episodes: filmed in black and white, shadows, substance, same stock Bernard Hermann music, 22-25 minute run time, and a narrator Serling clone who wears the black suit and has the wry Serling expression and cigarette dangling. Heck, even get sponsors that still exist and have retro commercials. So many opportunities with this pitch. If anybody from CBS is reading this, contact me, because, yes, I do have several script ideas. Again, this isn’t a reboot idea, this is a continuation of 1959-1963 in present day. Sacred ground, yes, I know, but if it’s a project done with admiration and love it could be pulled off and amazing. Would you dig seeing a Season 6 of the original series?

Am sure there are fans of Star Trek with ideas they can pitch that are as good as or better than what’s presented in the quote above — or my Star Trek: Next Generation Titan idea. There are also boatloads of books in the Star Trek universe that could be adapted. Picard won’t be the least Star Trek TV series.

Do you have any Star Trek (or other shows they own the IP) pitches for CBS All Access? Go ahead, pitch in the comments. Never know who’s reading!

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