Just Watched The Beatles Yellow Submarine with 71,000+ People

YouTube sing-a-long of The Beatles: Yellow Submarine peaked at over 71,000 people watching

Didn’t think I’d ever share a movie theater with 71,000+ other people, but today, Saturday 4/25/2020 we did. It was online, where no virus will ever impose any social distancing. It was wonderful hearing all those great Beatles songs again.

List of Beatles songs featured in Yellow Submarine, via Wikipedia

There were ~33,000 queued up at the start waiting for the movie.

In addition to singing along, we were encouraged to share pics taken during the even on Instagram with the hashtags #YellowSubLive #StayHome and #WithMe. I took part, removing the color.

I’ve haven’t watched Yellow Submarine in more than 40 years, so this was quite the rewatch experience. My only memory is that the film was weird, but I enjoyed the animation. Seeing it all these years later, it’s a masterpiece.

All we need is love, The Beatles are soooo right.

Were you able to tune into YouTube today and watch this live? If not, would you consider joining a watch party like this in the future?

Have said this before, but no movie theater can match this type of social experience. I still love the movie theaters, don’t get me wrong, but I believe a world exists in the future where both can co-exist with new movie releases. Think of all the people that have difficulty getting to the movie theater, this type of experience is amazing for them.

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