Warner Bros. releasing Scoob! on VOD like Trolls World Tour

May 15, Warner Bros. will be releasing Scoob! straight to VOD.

An opportunity for those with children to dig into some Scooby cinematic snacks, possibly at the rental price of $19.99 for 48 hours (somebody get Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte to promote!), but maybe priced lower (or, gasp, higher).

Warner Bros. has announced that they will be releasing the animated Scoob on May 15 not in theaters as initially planned but on VOD. Like Trolls: World Tour, the commercially questionable (relatively speaking) animated flick will be offered as a prime “watch it at home while in quarantine” title in what is quickly becoming a non-existent theatrical summer movie season.

‘Scoob’: Why WB’s ‘Scooby-Doo’ Toon Followed ‘Trolls 2’ To VOD

The Scoob! official website has some fun and games, see: https://www.scoob.movie/funandgames.php

Take a selfie with Scoob! — hey, why not?

A pattern is emerging during the pandemic with theaters closing that, so far, only animated movies are skipping delayed theatrical releases and going straight to VOD. Because of the rewatchable nature for children, are these the only movies studios think will have rental $$$ legs?

The Minions: Rise of Gru had it’s theatrical date pushed back over a year to Friday July 2, 2021, so certainly not all animated movies will test the VOD waters. Onward went to Disney+ sooner than normal and Artemis Fowl is skipping VOD and going straight to release on Disney+ Friday June 12, 2020 (see: Disney+ or Hulu might be receiving more movies than Artemis Fowl skipping a theater release).

Live action movies so far that have skipped theatrical release include My Spy, which sold to Amazon (see: STX not waiting for theatrical release, My Spy purchased for Amazon Prime Exclusive Streaming) with no release date announced yet, and The Lovebirds that Netflix picked up (see: The Lovebirds originally to screen Valentine’s Day in theaters now streaming May 22, 2020 on Netflix + Other May releases).

It’s getting more challenging understanding when and where new movies we want to see will appear, but rest assured if you’re here reading and subscribed, we’ll continue to help stir through the movie release date soup for you. Stay tuned to the Coming Soon section.

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