MLB players and personnel offering binge-watching streaming picks

While we are missing movie theaters, not having Major League Baseball (MLB) for sports fans — even semi-casual fans — is also traumatic. Baseball is America’s pastime, after all.

When and if MLB comes back, there are talks of numerous changes to the way the 2020 game is played including the use of robotic umpires, no visits to the mound, empty ballpark stands except for players and more. How they will handle players getting thrown out of games is unknown. Maybe robots running players?

Who will managers and players yell at over bad calls?

Meanwhile, MLB players are home like so many others, binge-watching streaming movie and TV. Below you’ll find in the linked article many picks by them.

Whether it’s revisiting a tried-and-true classic or catching up on something that seemingly everyone else has already seen, here are some binge-watching recommendations from players, managers and other club personnel from all 30 big league teams.

A binge-watching option from every MLB team

I had to look up my hometown team, Seattle Mariners and see what was recommended (pictured top of post). Marco Gonzales has picked Explained. I had never heard of that, so looked it up on Netflix.

There was an episode “Cryptocurrency” that was only 14 minutes, so I tuned in. Other show topics include pandemic, monogamy, programming, the racial wealth gap, billionaires and more. There are two seasons worth of shows, 30 episodes in total as of this writing, and true to Scott’s recommendation, the episodes are all fairly short.

What is your favorite team recommending/watching?

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