10+ Sergio Reviews – Biopic Besieged By Poorly Utilized Flashbacks

Sergio ⭐️⭐️½ 

If a movie about geopolitics centered around the true story of “Sergio” Vieira de Mello, a United Nations diplomat from Brazil, doesn’t strike you as must-viewing during a pandemic, you couldn’t be more wrong. What better time to celebrate a man who put human rights above politics as usual?

‘Sergio’ Review: Portrait of a U.N. Peacemaker as Real-Life Superhero – Rolling Stone

There are spoilers that follow, so if you haven’t seen the Netflix movie yet and are interested in doing so, you may want to come back here afterwards and see how your feelings line up with others about the movie.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Too many flashbacks do not move the story forward


Thumbs way up for Wagner Moura and Ana de Armas

The best part of the movie was the acting by the two leads. Great chemistry.

Seemed more interested in telling a love story

I like romances as part of other stories and even some standalone, but felt there was a lot more to Sergio than a love story as the primary story. We don’t really ever get to explore how he became the great Sergio that is so well respected and esteemed.

Reviews by Others

How do others feel about Sergio?


  1. DiscussingFilm / Andrew J. Salazar: “Worth one’s time thanks to its lead stars- it will be hard for some to hold in tears roll the credits. Though the audience will have to give some leeway for faults”
  2. Irfan Reviews Film (8/10): “Above ground, we see Carolina’s anguish as she awaits news, culminating in one final romantic gesture that’s notable for the weird way it is shot. It’s a clear grab for the audience’s emotions, proving once and for all where this film’s true intentions lay. It’s as if Greg Barker’s saying “if you want to work your brain, watch my 2009 documentary. This one’s for your heart.””
  3. Ready Steady Cut / Jonathon Wilson: “…works best as a story of the heart rather than the head, it’s most suited to being taken as one half of a more complete picture; together with the documentary version, it helps to paint a rounded picture of a life lived enthusiastically and cut tragically short”

Not Recommended (or undecided)

  1. Darren / The M0vie Blog: “…is a disaster, a film that feels almost like a betrayal of its subject.”
  2. Finn Scholte / The Illuminerdi: “The leads delivered good performances, but they sadly weren’t enough to save the mediocre script and the overall feeling that you are currently watching a feature film that wants to be a documentary instead of a biopic about an extraordinary diplomat.”
  3. Flyinghightech: “…its bigger story about Sergio’s humanitarian efforts succumbs to its love story. What should be a story about one man’s extraordinary love of humanity turns into a story about his ordinary love of one woman.”
  4. HCMovieReviews / Conor Crooks: “…is well intentioned in its desire to tell the exceptional story of Sergio Vieira de Mello. Its themes of peace, love and the casualties of war are effective given the film’s narrative issues.”
  5. Isaac Feldberg / Fortune: “There’s a fascinating real-life figure at the center of Netflix’s Sergio, a well-intentioned but lumpily structured biopic”
  6. KeithLovesMovies / Keith Noakes (58%): “Sergio has some star power behind it and may be well-intentioned but in the end is surprisingly dull and an overlong hot mess that not even Wagner Moura or Ana De Armas can save.”
  7. Lisa Marie Bowman / Through The Shattered Lens: “…is more like a Jay Roach film without the attempts at humor.  It’s a blandly liberal biopic that is conventionally structured and a bit too convinced that the audience is going to automatically agree with its points.”
  8. samhowe98 / Howe’s World of Film and TV (2.5/5): “With the subject matter and talent involved, this should’ve been a much better film.”

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