FIRST LOOK: Cooked With Cannabis (TV Series) – Netflix

With 4/20 just around the corner — and this post made precisely at 4:20 PM PST — comes another marijuana-themed cooking show to Netflix. They previously offered Cooking On The High which received many negative reviews (we never watched it).

Will the second cannabis-themed cooking show be better received?

Leading the culinary series as hosts and judges are “Milkshake” singer and chef Kelis, and Portland’s chef and weed expert Leather Storrs, who’s been likened to the “Anthony Bourdain of cannabis.” 

‘Cooked With Cannabis’ Host — Plus, Where Is the Cooking Show Filmed?

Cooking shows are pretty low on my watchlist of interest, however, this one has a curious twist to it. Will admit enjoying Chef Ramsey on Hell’s Kitchen, that’s probably the closest to a cooking show that I’ve gotten into. This one? Hmm, let’s dive into the trailer.

A number of states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes and yet many employers still consider it an illegal drug. Regardless the legality, will simply watching as entertainment be … entertaining?

Probably not in my wheelhouse — would rate my anticipation as 1/10 — but these are very different times, so I’d probably give the first episode a chance. There are six episodes coming for the first season.

What do you think, will you be watching?

Cooked with Cannabis will be available for streaming on Netflix on 4/20/2020.


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