R.I.P Brian Dennehy – thank you for First Blood, Tommy Boy, Cocoon, Presumed Innocent + more

First Blood ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

I first met Brian Dennehy in the early 80s as Sheriff Walt Teasel. He was gritty, tough and a bit of an a-hole toward drifters like John Rambo.

“He simply was A brilliant performer … He also was a Vietnam vet that helped me very much building the character of RAMBO The world has lost a great artist. #First Blood,” Stallone wrote.

Sylvester Stallone Mourns First Blood Costar Brian Dennehy: ‘The World Has Lost a Great Artist’

Every move I’ve seen Dennehy in, he was always an interesting, often complex supporting character. Chris Farley’s dad? Yup. Part leader of the alien race? Yup. Harrison Ford’s boss? Yup.

Just a solid, dependable, quality actor. Usually when I hear news that an actor I’ve enjoyed has passed away (he died of natural causes, not COVID-19 related) I’ll rewatch at least one of their movies. First Blood, yeah, I’ll rewatch that one. Own all the Rambo movies.

What’s your favorite Brian Dennehy movie? I didn’t mention F/X, that’s another one he’s well known for and he was in a bunch of popular TV shows.

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