TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E3 – Trapped ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
April 17, 2020

Episode 3 – “Trapped”

Mr. Freeze’s fortress seems impenetrable, but Harley has an idea … she’ll use a flamethrower to break inside.

Dr. Trap is guarding the prized flamethrower at the museum that Harley & Ivy want to thwart his traps and steal. They enlist the help of Catwoman.

Kite Man is back and joining the trio of lady burglars. The catch is Kite Man is afraid of traps, although he is motivated by the prospect of breaking in and stealing a diamond ring that he can give to Ivy.

Harley finally sees a side of Kite Man that isn’t lame when he works through his fears to steal the ring for Ivy.

Kite Man’s poor timing has him on one knee and Ivy isn’t having it … and the ring is stolen, anyway, by Catwoman.

The flamethrower is there for the taking, but the second Harley grabs it, a final trap descends on Harley, Ivy and Kite Man. Will they escape from the trap? Now that Harley at least somewhat accepts Kite Man’s chivalry and feelings for Ivy, will the two tie the knot? You’ll have to tune into episode 3 to learn.

Bonus points for the last torturous minute of this episode, as it’s one of the better spots.


Last week, I didn’t comment on multiple changes from comic book canon the show took. This show has been doing that since it started, literally in the first couple minutes of the first episode when Harley jumps onto the boat and drops multiple f-bombs. I’m talking about Batwoman and Clayface, but rather than spoil what those character changes are, just rewatch episode 2 and see. If you aren’t that familiar with the comic book storylines for these characters, it isn’t that surprising. This show is just barely getting started in season two, we’re going to see even more character surprises.

Nice to see the return of Kite Man and his relationship with Ivy and how the intersects with Harley’s feelings for Ivy. A strong love triangle seems like it’s being setup here.

This rest of Harley’s team had a (very) weak subplot involving Dr. Psycho failing his one and only assignment, letting the Riddler escape the hamster power wheel. Frank the Plant does make a few comical appearances. We catch a couple brief moments of Clayface, King Shark and Psy, but this all seems more like something to cut away from the main heist story involving Harley, Ivy, Catwoman and Kite Man.

It was entertaining, but a little disjointed an episode with the flamethrower playing as (too much) of a mcguffin.

The ending, however, alone earns this three stars. Among the best character arc setups thus far in the series for Harley and Ivy, so adding another half star there.

Much better episodes overall in the series exist, but I liked the mission and ending, even if Catwoman and Dr. Trap were somewhat lame.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

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