Too Hot To Handle Cast Introduce Themselves on Social Media

Too Hot To Handle cast sharing their Instagram accounts

We’re just a few days away from How Horny Are You, er Too Hot To Handle [FIRST LOOK], the newest reality TV game show on Netflix and Men’s Health is rounding up all the participants, along with their Instagram.

These, obviously, are not your average regular looking folks as you can see from the photo above. These are all young, good-looking, muscle-bound and silicon-infused beauty being put to the test of ignoring their sexual tension.

Just see what one of them has to say about the “emotional rollercoaster” that is the show:

Chloe is a model from Essex who once took home a top prize in a major model search competition. Here’s what Chloe wrote on Instagram when she announced she’d be on the show: “The secret is out! I have been filming with Netflix, catch me on the new dating show on the 17th of April⚡️⚡️ I am so nervous and exited to be able to share something that I went through with you all, It was an emotional rollercoaster.. you will see my highs and lows. But I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed filming it.

See the Cast of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle—and Their Instagrams

Chloe is a model, and she’s one of several in the cast that fit that description. Sharron Townsend, a ripped dude, held the title of Mr. Pennsylvania (source) and so … on. Read the article if you are interested in following their Instagrams.

Am interested in the entertainment angle of what happens on the show — maybe, it all looks like a pretty shallow concept — but not really interested myself in any of these people beyond the show.

Must admit, I’m not much of a fan follower for reality TV participants, and follow only a very small number of actors/actresses on social media (Twitter, none on Insta or Facebook). I do follow movie studios, business accounts and a very small number of famous people. I don’t even follow the President. That’s just me, am curious what your social media following practices are like? Feel free to share in the comments below.

As mentioned in the FIRST LOOK, the most interesting, intriguing aspect of the show to me is the robot. How will Nana deduct $$$ from these people.

Clearly in the trailer, there is physical contact shown, so some penalty deductions by Nana the robot are coming. Do they just get the group together and Nana goes off? That, to me, could be a lot of fun to watch. Nana delivering the admonishment, “You stuck your tongue down ___ throat, I’m deducting $1,000!”

Now, whether or not this is how it all plays out, we’ll have to wait and see. If the show is just a bunch of vapid youngsters wanting to get it on, that’s likely not going to hold my interest.

The other curiosity is whether or not the entire first season will drop to binge at once this Friday or if they will spread out the episodes like they did with Love Is Blind? I’ll know after watching the first episode if I’m going to review the first season, but that’s the plan.

Too Hot To Handle will be available streaming April 17, 2020 at Netflix.

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