How To Use Your Phone as a Roku Remote with Clickable Movie and TV links in Reelgood App

For those using Roku-enabled TV or a Roku device and multiple streaming services, you might want to check this out. The price is right — FREE.

The Reelgood app has been updated with a new feature that allows users to two- or three- click movies and TV shows on streaming services you have through Roku to play on the TV. Using your phone as a remote isn’t an entirely new idea and at first I thought it might be kind of lame. I mean, why not just pick up the remote and use that?

However, after using the function for a few days, it is real world useful functionality. It makes your phone an interactive remote + streaming guide, something I’ve been hoping somebody would develop for some time. I wrote about the need for a Master Streaming Guide, see: November 2019 – 14 Movies Coming To Shudder and Is There A Master Streaming Guide?

The Reelgood app — FREE — available at Google Play store includes a useful Roku remote

Reelgood the website needs this feature. It would be cool to find something on my laptop and then click and it just plays on the TV, but for some reason (?) the feature on the Reelgood app is not available on the website. Maybe the Reelgood team will add this in the future.

Here is how the Roku remote looks in the phone. If you pick up the remote — or tend to misplace the remote (don’t laugh, it happens when you get older especially! lol). This saves a practical step of putting down the phone and picking up the remote when you already have a virtual remote in your phone courtesy of this app.

Now, the process is described as “one click” but there is a bit more to that, particularly if the same movie or TV show appears on multiple channels. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find movie or TV you want to watch
  2. Click on the service it’s on
  3. Click on the Roku connection
  4. Your TV will autoplay the selected title

So, yeah, it’s essentially two additional clicks than just using your remote and navigating around the Roku menu with your existing remote. I like the Reelgood app for how it blends all the services you already subscribe to into one endless scroll screen. Just keep scrolling down, find the movie or TV show you want to watch and click. The Reelgood app also displays the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores for each title.

All in all, I’m keeping and using this app as a way to help find what to watch next.

You can download the free Reelgood app in the Google Play store.

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