13+ Trolls World Tour Reviews – Festive, Flatulent Rock Covers

Trolls World Tour ⭐️⭐️½ 

Universal is rolling out the red carpet, figuratively and literally for kids if you download the FREE party pack.

Universal teamed up with Snapchat on an augmented reality lens that enables Snapchatters to transform themselves into their favorite Trolls characters.

Trolls World Tour Makes a Stop on Snapchat via an AR Lens – Adweek

Well publicized, Universal simultaneously released this bigger budget movie to VOD and whatever theaters that are currently open.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Cute Animation Suited For Younger Children

Our youngest grandson, age 3, was more into Trolls than our 5-year old who likened it to “a show for babies.” He still remained fairly engaged throughout.

There is something about the Trolls Dreamworks animation that isn’t as crisp and dynamic as Pixar. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just not quite as defined. It’s still good, but they have a style that lacks a little bit of resolution. I could be all wet, maybe from a pixel by pixel standpoint the resolution is there, but I compare this to Onward and come out feeling like a little something is missing.

More Colorful, More Music (but not all good)

More rainbow colors than the first Trolls, if that’s even possible. Definitely more music and most of it is good, except for the rock covers which I mostly hated.

I’m generally a fan of cover songs, even experimental ones, but pretty much hated everything about what was done to “Crazy Train” and “Rock You Like A Hurricane.” Rock and roll is my favorite genre by a mile and Ozzy and The Scorpions are bands that I love. I wanted those rock trolls to bust out some other Scorps songs like, “No One Like You”, “Can’t Live Without You”, “Blackout” or perhaps most fittingly, “The Zoo.”

As for Ozzy music? Where is the haunting, sepulcher organ of …

This is what the rock trolls should have been jamming to – “Mr. Crowley” 1981 Live featuring Randy Rhoads

Instead, we’re treated to a watery, uninspired version of “Rock You Like a Hurricane” that the guitars are about the only thing that sonically teases the original song. Covers should at least capture the essence.

Epic fail on the rock songs. And since the rock trolls are the primary antagonists, their music sucking was a major disappointment.

Now, compare that to the Simon & Garfunkel cover in the first one. The Trolls cover was really, really good there.

It brought something to the film and enhanced this scene. There wasn’t another song that would have worked as well in that sequence.

Musical moments like this do exist in World Tour, but some of the best music they could have chosen (“Freebird, man!”) were inexplicably left on the cutting room floor. Timberlake and company have the techno, funk and pop music working here, don’t get me wrong, but the rock world was sadly underrepresented.

Reviews by Others

Let’s see what others think of Trolls World Tour?


  1. CULT FACTION (6/10): “Lots of positive vibes and a positive message about how our differences can unite us”
  2. Den of Geek / Don Kaye: “…is fun and watchable, if no world-changer. But it may be remembered for longer than anyone might have expected as a version of Barb’s “ultimate power chord” — a signifier of upheavals to come in the movie business itself.”
  3. Dewey Singleton / Dewey’s Movies: “…if someone is looking for a nice family film to watch over the weekend, then look no further—a solid 3 out of 5 and well worth $20.00 rental fee.”
  4. filmfanstake: “You’re stuck at home, your kids have watched Frozen 2 and Onward a thousand times. Trolls World Tour is a perfect change of pace.”
  5. No Bad Movie / Christopher Haskell (3.5/5): “…may not live up to its predecessor, but it does a decent job of producing laughs and looking great while doing it. The textured fabric look of the world and endless amounts of glitter never get old.”
  6. Shawn Peer / Entertainment Essence (5/10): “I may be going a little easy on this movie because of the circumstances we are all in right now, but Trolls World Tour is an easy ninety-minute watch that can put you in a good mood and forget about everything happening at the moment for a bit.”

Not Recommended (undecided or undeclared)

  1. danielsdunkings: “Look, this isn’t the worst film I’ve seen this year. Think of it as a brightly colored distraction to throw on whilst you pop and do some chores in the background  and you’ll not be far wrong.”
  2. Dave on Film (2/5): “Disappointed in the outcome. A film which feels like it should have been better than it was.”
  3. DC’S Take / DC Bolling: “…it’s more of the same, but not as cool as its predecessor. Some highlights go directly to the animation, voice cast, and delivering a message easy to understand, yet it didn’t have that refreshing plot that doesn’t make it fun, but forgettable.”
  4. Graham / Scannain: “…is not a good film. Even the elements that are somewhat decent aren’t explored enough. This could have easily been a television series that could have explored the world and characters far better but instead, we get this pretty mess. Trolls World Tour is the epitome of style over substance.”
  5. Jamie Skinner / Just a Little Bit Random: “…still predominantly filled with loud, glaringly glittery and exuberant headache-inducing musical numbers that might work for young kids, but perhaps not for those who have to watch it with them, or anyone else.”
  6. Mark Hobin / Fast Film Reviews (3/5): “…it’s almost akin to eating Pixy Stix laced with Pop Rocks paired with a shot of Mountain Dew.  It gives new meaning to the phrase eye candy.  Young kids will unquestionably be enchanted so I’m not exactly knocking it.  This might be perfect for children craving new entertainment.”
  7. Rachel’s Reviews (4.5/10): “…is harmless for kids. It has some beautiful animation and sweet moments but it could have been much better. I so wish they had shown Poppy and Branch embracing all different kinds of music in the end and everyone being richer as a result.”
  8. Trailer Trashed: “I said in my review of the first Trolls, that this one would have to do something impressive with it’s plot to stop it being just a generic quest driven kids movie.  And it didn’t do that.  If this were the nineties, this would have been a straight to home video kind of deal.”

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  1. I enjoyed the lower frame rate that made it feel like a stop-motion sorta thing. It does expand the world well and is better than the first by a landslide, but I do agree with you that somethings out of place.

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