Indiana Jones and the Temperamental of Geriatric Doom

Harrison Ford won’t say it, he will never say never, just like Sean Connery’s too old final Bond title role, so somebody else needs to say no — never again — for him. As much as I’d love to see another Indy movie, really it kills me to dump on one of my all time favorite action franchises and favorite actors, I don’t ever want to see a CGI de-aged Indy movie.

I’m painfully reminded of Ford’s last movie where he was upstaged by a CGI dog (see: Behind the Tennis Ball Man playing Buck the CGI Dog on The Call Of The Wild)

Is that what we’ll get in Indy 5? Or perhaps a ton of stunt doubles? I imagine it will be something like Babe Ruth in his final plate appearances seeing Harrison Ford at age 80 up there huffing with the fedora and whip. Please, no.

If Indy 5 does come out and it’s good, I’ll gladly eat these words. I’m old too, not as old as Ford, but getting older by the year, and some places consider me a senior citizen. I’m not about to root against seniors in acting roles, but am worried for Ford doing this kind of physical role at 80. It’s not like he’s acting in a reboot of On Golden Pond. Dude could get seriously hurt in this type of role. I’d like to see him acting in movies for another 20 years, not getting his back broken running, jumping and wrestling.

Of course Ford will be up for playing Indy and will undoubtedly be on the ball, but… but… he’s just too old. Nobody wants to see Jones with a zimmer frame. We don’t want to see him become a side joke. Jones shouldn’t become like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator in the last two films. A walking joke, a constant stream of ironic OAP reference.

Please, can we just scrap Indiana Jones 5?

Pondered this a month ago, so here we are again more passionately, see: Should Indiana Jones 5 be Harrison Ford’s last action film? As more time goes by, and some of the delays — maybe most of them — aren’t Ford’s problem, but the ever-ticking clock of life gets all of us sooner or later. I’m worried that Indy 5 will suck. Will it stain Ford’s legacy? No. Will it mean there can’t be an Indy 6 after Ford is gone with a different Indy? No. The franchise will survive regardless what happens with Indy 5. If they can keep cranking out sequels to low budget horror movies, Indiana Jones the franchise will outlive everybody reading alive at the time this was posted.

Can it be better than Indy 4? I rewatched that recently — but didn’t write a review — it wasn’t as bad as I remembered, actually. Doesn’t mean I liked it as well as the first three, but it had moments that it was decent. I liked seeing Karen Allen return as Marion Ravenwood from the original movie (1981!).

1981. 1981. 1981.

In 2022, when Indy 5 is now teasing to be released, that will be 41 years ago. Raiders of the Lost Ark ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is one of the greatest action movies ever made (1981!), but to think the lead star can return 41 years later to be the lead again is likely asking too much — even for an amazing actor like Harrison Ford.

Do you want to see Indy 5 with Harrison Ford in the lead, regardless how old he is at the time?

Who knows if it will be delayed again. Before the current crap hit the fan, Ford was planning to get started filming, so production was halted. If they have a script and are ready to film, then there is a strong chance we will see this film in the future … but should we be looking forward to it?

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