How Soon Before Trolls World Tour is on PeacockTV?

Trolls World Tour ⭐️⭐️½

Am giving this movie a lot of post exposure, and for a good reason: it’s breaking the mold during the pandemic. It’s a $90+ million budget film with heavy product support and timed media buys that couldn’t be pushed off to a future release date as easily.

A big factor when it came down to putting Trolls World Tour in the home with whatever theaters were available: much of the global media buy had already been scheduled with promo partners (like Oreos) and consumer product commitments ready to go. Another interesting tidbit is how the Trolls brand found a great life in the streaming window post its life in cinemas: Netflix ran eight seasons of Trolls: The Beat Goes On. The franchise’s young fans were already at home.

‘Trolls World Tour’: Will The Movie Profit Off Universal’s VOD Experiment? – Deadline

A review collection of this movie is being worked on, so expect that soon. That will have more deep-dive, detailed thoughts from us on the movie itself. I will say this, our grandchildren enjoyed it. Their review barometer is quite different than ours, they like colors and music and don’t really want to be challenged too much by story to stay entertained.

As always, click on the title at the top of this post to read our non-spoiler review.

I noticed when I was sifting through the PeacockTV launch lineup list at Deadline, Trolls World Tour is listed as a “first pay window” movie title. I’m not sure exactly what that means (if you know, please leave me a comment below)? It sounds like it might be mean, and purely guessing, is that when the pay VOD rental window expires, then it will be coming to PeackcockTV first. Also mentioned are The Croods 2 (opening December 23, 2020) and Boss Baby 2 (March 26, 2021).

It didn’t take long for Disney to put Onward on Disney+, certainly well short of the normal 90 day no-streaming window. My guess, and it’s only that, is that as long as they are making decent $$ on VOD, they’ll just keep Trolls World Tour there, milking out that rental money. They might lower the price from $19.99 to sub $10 ($6.99 USD) as some sort of special. Heck, today would have been an awesome day — Easter egg pricing — drop it a little bit, $14.99 , $12.99 … something just for 24 hours, then back to $19.99.

It’s not my money, so I’m sure they’re monitoring every penny in VOD sales. The point is that for those with PeacockTV, the 24 million broadband internet subscribers that will get PeacockTV for $0 (ad-supported version), they can hang out and wait for Trolls World Tour to show up there at some point in the not too distant future. That could impact some rental VOD sales.

Those with young children? Won’t matter. The 48-hour window allows for multiple rewatches, which young kids love to do.

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