FIRST LOOK: Too Hot To Handle – Netflix TV

While we don’t usually FIRST LOOK reality TV shows, after the strength Netflix’s of Love Is Blind and all the attention that Tiger King — still #1 after 20+ days — is getting (although I tried, and couldn’t get into that one), this next one, entitled Too Hot To Handle, could become the next big thing at the red N.

The premise is pretty straightforward. A bunch of good-looking people are going to get sent off to an island together to meet and have a good time. The prize is $100,000, and the way you obtain it is … by avoiding hanky-panky. These are going to be commitment-phobes, according to Netflix, who are pretty accustomed to flings, but there is to be nothing like that of any kind. Not even any kissing, let alone anything beyond that.

If you obsessed over Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind,’ put its next reality series on your radar – BGR

Sounds like Celibacy Island. As of this writing, a mere week away and the trailer just dropped.

“All we’ve got to do is just keep our pants on” — doesn’t sound like the most encouraging tagline lol

This trailer is full of sexy moments: grinding, and my favorite: the little Alexa-like blue-pink robot thing that calls itself, Nana, and discusses the “conditions here” (on the island).

No, it’s not I Dream of Jeannie, it’s I Deduct for Weenie.

What?!?! LOL.

We just have to riff off the description and the trailer which sounds and looks like a game show where most are getting very horny and don’t even care if the cash prize dwindles.

If you look at the cast pictures, it’s a lot of fake tans, boobs, muscles, smiles and six pack abs. There are both white and black contestants, but the diversity appears to end there. Just another show about good looking young people are getting wasted and stupid to win some cash. $100,000. That’s the same amount the winner of The Circle received (I haven’t reviewed that, but watched the entire first season). The Circle was geared to geeks and internet addicts, this seems more geared to frat houses and reality TV junkies.

Clearly, this isn’t serious love, it’s lust for dollars and just the kind of trashy reality TV that permeates the genre. Will it provide for some memorable comedic moments or just be a bunch of idiots flexing for the camera trying to gain some sort of real world celebrity through a reality show? If it’s the former, I’ll hang, but if it’s the latter I’ll be out.

Not sure it’s apt to compare this to Love Is Blind which seemed like the producers and participants cared about the experiment of testing if singles that were strangers could meet, fall in love and propose without seeing each other physically. That experiment was more successful than even they thought was possible and money wasn’t a motivating factor.

Once a cash prize is involved, it’s nothing more than a game show. Nothing wrong with game shows, for those who enjoy them, but this seems like a very strangely motivated one. Sounds like it could go seriously off the rails crazy train. I wonder if they licensed music from Ozzy? Should have!

I’ll give this one a look, but not sure if I can get any further with this than Tiger King. At least Tiger King involved real people with real consequences, this just sounds like all kinds of not that real game show contestants getting really horny on an island and trying to outwit the rules to win cash … but I’ll be there to check out at least as much of the first episode as I can handle.

Too Hot To Handle will be available on Friday April 17, 2020 exclusively on Netflix.

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