STX not waiting for theatrical release, My Spy purchased for Amazon Prime Exclusive Streaming

As Judas Priest would say, “You got another thing comin’!'”

Joining the list of movies that were supposed to be theatrical releases comes My Spy [FIRST LOOK] by STX and MWM.

This has been pushed back several times, even before the pandemic, so that probably pushed the price tag down a bit, but it’s still a movie I’m interested in seeing … somewhere.

Amazon Studios has bought rights from STX and MWM to Dave Bautista’s family comedy “My Spy” for exclusive streaming on Amazon Prime in the U.S. and some foreign markets.

Dave Bautista’s ‘My Spy’ Heading to Amazon Prime for Streaming – Variety

Behind he scenes, the streaming leaders (Netflix, Amazon namely) must be working over the studios right now, pushing to see what kind of deals they can make for these new releases.

My Spy joins Trolls World Tour available on VOD Friday April 10, Artemis Fowl going to Disney+ release this summer and Paramount sharing The Lovebirds on Netflix, skipping theatrical release (no release date announced).

Studios are going to find it difficult to resist dollars waving in front of them, especially with fixed costs to pay in the current climate and an eager audience of movie watchers waiting for streaming.

As posted earlier today (see: Disney+ or Hulu might be receiving more movies than Artemis Fowl skipping a theater release), the floodgates are opening. More movies are definitely going to jump from theatrical release to streaming.

Wise marketing not giving release dates immediately so they get the benefit of a secondary promotional news cycle when the release date is announced.

Some will see this as yet another sign to the end to movie theaters as we know them — don’t buy into that BS (see: One Big Reason Why Movie Theaters Will Be OK Compared To Streaming) — this is rightfully a way of making (some) money now and taking care of moviegers at home vs. waiting months and hopping in on a crowded wide release schedule. Theaters will be new movies to screen. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, plenty of new movie watching is available for both.

Stay tuned fellow movie fans!

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