Brutal Realities – Erin Burnett Breaks Down on CNN + Love Is Blind Reality TV Series Renewed by Netflix

Love is Blind has been renewed by Netflix for two more seasons

For those ordered to stay home, and the dwindling numbers of us who keep going to work in “essential/critical” jobs, we’re looking for something to divert our attention.

News, sadly, is a double-edged sword and I try to measure how much real life news video I can watch (stomach), because it’s often depressing, and brings on powerful emotions. This is a horrible, sad time in the world right now and human beings need to rise up and love each other. I have to temper how much I watch that’s keeping it real.

This post shares two very different realities: the first is a gut punch video that isn’t Hollywood. It’s one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen and yet there is a heartening message that I feel compelled to share.

It’s difficult to watch this CNN video with Erin Burnett speaking to the widow of a 42 year old man who recently died from the coronavirus.

On a much, much lighter reality note, I got turned on by a reader to the Netflix original series Love Is Blind. I’m working through a detailed episode by episode review, but in the meantime there is some good news for fans of the first season: two more seasons have been ordered, proving I guess that love is blind.

“It’s been incredible to see Netflix members everywhere respond to the raw, authentic stories of real people and real stakes,” said Brandon Riegg, Netflix’s vice president of nonfiction series and comedy specials. “We pride ourselves on creating a favorite show for any taste, and we’re thrilled fans embraced all of these series with such enthusiasm and shared passion. We look forward to sparking more joy for our members.”

‘Love Is Blind’ and ‘The Circle’ renewed by Netflix – CNN

I don’t want to preempt my detailed review too much except to say that it surprised me. Am not a huge fan of the reality TV genre, but this show was a bit unusual and different — in a good way. More to come, but who else here reading has seen Love Is Blind? If you have, let me tease with one word name for the first season:


5 thoughts on “Brutal Realities – Erin Burnett Breaks Down on CNN + Love Is Blind Reality TV Series Renewed by Netflix

      1. Yes, the reunion episode is on Netflix and stated as season 1, episode 11, unless there is another (?) reunion episode I’m not aware of on YouTube. The “Reunion” episode 11 has been reviewed.

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