10+ Coffee And Kareem Reviews – an empty, cliched, sometimes fun distraction

Coffee & Kareem ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Netflix)

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee extended the stay at home order until May 4, 2020. That’s another 30+ days for, sadly, many people in this state. Many other states have similar regulatory orders in place.

This means, we should be on the lookout for movies that might lift spirits. This one from Netflix, despite a plethora of cliches, is one of those.

Prior to this movie, I wasn’t familiar with Taraji P. Henson’s work, but she is on my radar with her performance here. It takes skill to make garbage material palatable

Fresh off of two films in 2019 (What Men Want and The Best Of Enemies) and [Tarajii P. Henson’s] recurring role as Cookie Lyon on Empire, she found time to make a comedy with Ed Helms called Coffee and Kareem.

Taraji P. Henson Gets Her Swirl On In ‘Coffee And Kareem’ [TRAILER] | BET

Taraji promoted the release on her Twitter with good excitement along with lead star Ed Helms (The Hangover).

What follows undoubtedly will contain some spoilers, so need to shoot out a warning. Come on back later to this post after you’ve seen.

… you have been warned SPOILERS ahead ….

A familiar story, but guilty pleasure fun nonetheless

Coffee & Kareem may not break any new ground, but it tells a heartwarming story about a 12-year-old accepting his mother’s new boyfriend and deals with an interracial relationship in a realistic way.

While I would normally bash a cliche-ridden movie like this — and the script does it no favors — the acting is above average, despite mostly terrible material, particularly from Henson and Ed Helms. I’m trying to think of a terrible movie Helms has been in? Some are saying it’s this one, but I liked the relationship part of the story. No, I didn’t care much for the drugs and dirty cops parts that have been done in too many other films.

Review by Others

What are others saying about Coffee & Kareem?


  1. archyde: “The mash-up of tones is a tough one, as is the film’s central pairing, but it works just well enough.”
  2. ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES / Jay: “This is the buddy cop movie 2020’s been asking for: white cop with a molester mustache and a black kid running amok in a city that has more bad neighbourhoods than good. How else are we going to cure racism.”
  3. Celeb Mix / Ali: “We don’t imagine the film will be winning awards any time soon, but it was definitely entertaining, and sometimes that’s all that we ask for.”
  4. Film Carnage: “While there are some good laughs to be found, it’s probably a ratio of 40-60 to those that are funny or jokes that just fall flat, respectively. There’s a large amount that misses the mark for several reasons, partially it’s tired, lengthy jokes about racism, and some are just thrown in amongst everything and there isn’t time for them to land.”
  5. The Fleming Seth: “Netflix has proven to be the place-to-be for outrageous comedy and once again brings the goodies to those who need some distraction”

Not Recommended

  1. Bookshelf Battle: “I don’t know what else to say.  Rarely do I give a bad review, but Netflix should give subscribers a free month and a formal apology for making this crap.”
  2. HCMovieReviews: “Whilst the cast give it their all their collective performance is simply not enough to make this Netflix film worth streaming. Leaving a bad taste in viewers mouth, this buddy cop caper is the cinematic equivalent to a cheap and nasty instant coffee.”
  3. Keith Noakes / Keithlovesmovies (38%): “…is an incredibly dated, cringey action-comedy made even more painful to watch thanks to a terrible script.”
  4. rogerinorlando / Movie Nation: “…an old rule of movie reviewing holds truer than ever with this one. Never expect anything out of a film with an awful pun as its title.”
  5. TL;DR Movie Reviews (1.5/5): “When you can make a running tally of bad paedophile jokes and that is not the biggest problem with your film then you have some real problems.”
  6. Trailer Trashed: “This wasn’t a particularly imaginative premise from the very beginning.  Incompetent cop teams up with sassy kid and miraculously solves a dastardly crime, is a movie trope that has been around for a while and really hit it’s stride and it’s hayday in the eighties/early 90s.  “

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Happy movie watching!

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