500+ Reviews – A Movie Review Every Day Since August 16, 2020

Our 500th reviewed movie was Sleepless In Seattle ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is also our 500th blog post. Last post milestone, see: 100 Movie Blog Posts Milestone – Meta – 10/28/2019

This is a friendly reminder and informational post. If you already know about how to find the movie and TV reviews by us, then it can safely be skipped and please pardon the interruption. Regular programming begins again with the 501st post.

If, however, you’re wondering where all the movie reviews are on this site dedicated to reviewing movies, just reminding that I’ve still been reviewing at least one movie every single day since August 16, 2020.

232+ days in a row, as of this writing. Am sure others have longer daily movie review streaks than here, but that’s the consecutive days number at this moment in time.

Have also posted at least once a day to this blog 197+ days in a row. The blog started about a month behind the movie reviews.

Sometimes I’m a little tardy getting the daily movie reviews posted, but you can follow them regularly posted on Letterboxd in the diary area. Yes, even when we were on vacation for a week, I still watched movies and posted reviews. Yes, even during this pandemic when there are no new movies in theaters, I’m still watching, writing and sharing movie reviews. Not new in theater movies right now, of course, but that will return someday in the future.

I watch movies and/or TV shows — almost without exception — every single day. Some days have watched and reviewed over six movies, but that’s rare. Cant remember if I’ve binge-watched an entire TV series season in one day yet, but seems like I might have done that in the past, too.

My movie review goal remains to share at least one movie review every day. I also have some movies I’ve watched several times and haven’t posted the reviews for yet. This may take 10+ years or more for me to catch up with most/all everything I’ve seen in 40+ years of watching movies, if I ever catch up.

Some of these movie reviews are at least partially written, but not posted yet. They are baking in the oven, so to speak. Same goes for posts. I usually have 20-30+ posts sitting in draft status at any given time. Some I rework, rewrite and others just sit there, waiting for the right time to flesh out the rest of the way and post.

Recent Movie Reviews (spoiler-free — and in no particular order)

Full movie reviews aren’t currently posted on this blog, but maybe someday.

Just want to write what’s on my mind and share with the world, not spend a bunch of time managing and organizing what’s already been written. Letterboxd has that covered very well when it comes to movie reviews and tracking what we watch — and they do it absolutely free (you can support them by buying a yearly membership that gives a few additional statistics features but you don’t need to).

This blog is free to readers, contains no ads or affiliate links as of this post, but it’s not free to operate (domain, hosting, etc). It costs several hundred dollars a year to maintain and when I do have to get into webmaster mode, I’m reminding myself that I must pay for this “privilege.” Letterboxd, I don’t have to do any of that, which is a refreshing reminder that not everything cool on the web has to cost money.

The primary reason I started this blog was because there were more than the movies themselves I wanted to write about and share in a discussion with other movie and TV fans. Like new movies coming out, actors and actresses in movies, also some very good TV shows, and share our overall feelings on the movie, TV and business and news in general. It’s a diverse canvas with almost endless material. Perfect for a blog.

There isn’t any viable way to do that on Letterboxd unless you sandwich in all this (mostly unrelated) commentary into your reviews, comments and lists. I do some of that, but found organizing that type of content was not good there, so this blog was born to capture, share and preserve that material.

If you prefer to just read my reviews, it’s very easy to follow and do that. If you want to have a conversation about movies, genres, TV shows and the entertainment business surrounding that, I hope you’ll subscribe (follow), pull up a virtual chair — and/or continue to do so if you already are. You are very much part of the “us” in our domain name.

Regular movie content we do here like the opening this week new movies in theaters, coming soon to theaters lists (all badly out of sync for March and April and months beyond), now playing reviews, etc, will resume as soon as theaters reopen.

Put us in the group that can’t wait until theaters reopen. We will celebrate this day!

Oh, and we also do video reviews of primarily new in theater movies, just after we leave the theater when the blood is pumping fresh and capture that raw emotion. These are no-spoiler reviews as well.

That venture is on hiatus, obviously, at the moment, but will resume when theaters reopen. You can find this at … our YouTube channel. Please subscribe. Join the half dozen who don’t mind watching and listening to my ugly mug and sometimes my beautiful wife. There are 60 or so video movie reviews on there.

Most of the video production values are substandard, admittedly, but the audio is what’s most important. It’s fascinating capturing how moviegoers feel when emerging from a movie theater after just seeing a movie for the first time. I wanted to capture that moment in time for every new movie we see in theater. Here’s an example of the most recent film we shot:

Maybe someday we’ll move the text movie reviews here, but that’s part of the beauty of Letterboxd, you can export your reviews anytime, anywhere you want. So, another free plug for that site. It’s just a wonderful thing for anybody who wants to track the movies they’re watching, even if you have zero interest in writing reviews.

All my TV reviews have been posted here in full, because I haven’t found a Letterboxd-like place for organizing TV series reviews. You can keep track most easily of those by visiting this page: TV Series Reviews or following the TV Series tag (for the most recent TV show reviews, news and commentary).

Starting April 3, 2020 season two of Harley Quinn the adult animated series returned, so we’re watching, rating and reviewing each new episode here again. I was following Star Trek: Picard last, but bailed on that after six episodes, due to lack of interest.

Might be covering episodes of Tales from the Loop on Amazon Prime Video (whenever we get subscribed to it again, anyway). That is bingeable, though, so not sure how or even if I’ll be reviewing those. Maybe I’ll just watch the series and say: “watch it!” (or maybe not, if it’s not good).

Happy movie and TV watching to you!

3 thoughts on “500+ Reviews – A Movie Review Every Day Since August 16, 2020

  1. Thanks for this tremendously informative post. I almost lost the point of marking 500+ reviews and 500th blog post. That is huge, and the streaks are amazing. This post helped me understand the relationship between the blog and Letterboxd. I hope you are saving your content while utilizing the capabilities of that site.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, always appreciated!

      As mentioned above, anybody can export reviews at any time from that site. I just went over there thanks to your reminder and saved the very most recent export, which has saved everything ever done at that site to right now. All movie reviews, comments, diary entries, etc in CSV (comma separated value) format. Very easy to use to import back to another site someday, should that one go out of business. I then emailed that file to myself as an attachment in mail storage and also saved in cloud storage. Those 504 reviews are very safe now in multiple places using multiple services.

      It’s a reasonable concern for creating content anywhere else on the web to maintain a backup copy. Always.

      Liked by 1 person

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