Which Streaming Service Are You Watching Most During The Pandemic?

Netflix and chill.

That’s the answer right now. It was #2.

#1 through most of last year was Amazon Prime Video. Roku third. Then Vudu. Then DCU (mostly for Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman TV series). We don’t have any other paid streaming subscriptions at the moment.

While everyone’s spending a lot more time at home streaming video, Netflix is taking more than its fair share of viewing. Thirty-five percent of people are watching more Netflix than any other streaming service, according to a March 29 survey from Morning Consult. The next closest competitor is Disney’s Hulu, at 10%. Disney+ came in at 4%.

Netflix Is Winning the “Streaming Wars”

Netflix specializes in and has popularized on the internet binge watching and right now the 7-part mini-series, Tiger King is the poster child of success on the platform:

The only live TV available to people is the news, and that doesn’t provide any escapism. Netflix was never invested in live TV. Executives have reiterated they don’t want to be in that space. Tiger King,with its instant meme-making moments and its availability to more than 167 million subscribers, gives Netflix an advantage in a world where live TV has all but diminished.

Tiger King is a viral success because Netflix rules the jungle

I tried watching Tiger King, but honestly the subject matter wasn’t for me. I’m not big on wild animals in captivity stories. This isn’t a review and there probably won’t be one here, so we’re going to miss out on joining in on the popularity. If you liked Tiger King, you’re welcome to tell me about it in the comments section. My Twitter has been raging and I’ve read other bloggers talking about it, but reader views are welcome here.

Back to why Amazon isn’t #1 right now, because there’s a better public service announcement than trying to get a little Tiger King love from the masses.

WARNING: Hacking is on the rise during the pandemic

Recently, our Amazon Prime account was hacked and compromised. If you aren’t using two-factor authentication for Amazon, use it. In fact, use two-factor authentication on every important website involving any kind of commerce activity. Your banking naturally, Google, Amazon, etc.

Yes, beware, hackers are out there. I called Amazon and notified them that someone was up to no good (we knew right away there was a problem) trying to make unauthorized purchases through our Amazon account (that we’ve had since mid 2000s).

Alas, they locked down our account and that was the end. That’s been well over a month ago and our Amazon Prime came up for renewal and could not renew since everything was disabled. We reached customer service the middle of last month and they said our account had to be “sanitized” first before it could be restored.

Their sanitation department is either out or severely limited. I understand.

Call Amazon and you get a message that right now due to the virus their customer service has been impacted. I email and get no answer. I understand.

So, whenever this is over we’ll get the account restored, but in the meantime, the established Amazon account I’ve had for over 13 years is disabled and locked.

My wife started a brand new Amazon account. She ordered some items through there, in fact. We’ll probably have to setup Amazon Prime Video through there to be able to start streaming through there again.

Your turn.

Please share your streaming story during the pandemic. What streaming service are you watching the most right now?

9 thoughts on “Which Streaming Service Are You Watching Most During The Pandemic?

    1. Is that the one you watch most currently? The ratio of movies we watched on Amazon Prime Video compared to Netflix in 2019 was like 5 to 1. So, am definitely missing Amazon Prime Video right now. They have originals, too, but I think Netflix has more originals right now than anybody else and seems to be working very hard to continue releasing new, original movies, TV shows, mini-series and so on.

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      1. I haven’t seen Tiger King yet but as you can imagine, everyone is talking about it. Love Is Blind I watched recently. I’ve watched a few things on Amazon though not very recently. In these times of endless good content, I really could do with a clone or two, or five of myself right about now.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You were the first person I saw mention LOVE IS BLIND. Checking an overview of that it reminds me of many different “who will s/he get together with” reality TV shows. Going to show this to Kara when she gets home from work. Probably right up her alley. I’ve liked a few of these type shows in the past. Guilty pleasures! lol

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