1 out of every 3 TVs Sold in United States are Roku TVs

Roku changes their home screen for the holidays – this was the screen on Halloween 2019

The next time you can go out shopping for a new TV — I know, probably not high on the list right at this moment in time — there is a 33% chance the TV you take home will be a Roku TV.

Ok, maybe that’s not an exact statistic, but of all the smart TVs being purchased in America, Roku TVs are standing out.

Roku TV, has been a standout success. In the five years since launching the platform in the U.S., Roku has grabbed a considerable share of the smart TV market: 1 in 3 smart TVs sold in the United States last year was a Roku TV.

Why More and More TV Makers Are Adopting Roku TV

Hard betting against Roku in these times. We’ve been using a Roku box for years. Haven’t bought a new TV in awhile, as we’re still using our HD 3D TV, but our next TV purchase could very well be a Roku TV.

Then again, we really, really like our current TV. It’s been a trooper and still looks great years later.

Do you currently own a Roku TV? If so, what do you think of it? Our oldest son bought a Roku TV and he loves it.

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