Kudos to Anna Kendrick Promotion of Trolls World Tour as VOD Home Release

As most of us know by now, there is only one new wide release movie being released in these troubled times.

It’s called Trolls World Tour by Universal (see: Universal will break theatrical window with Trolls World Tour available for same day streaming).

I’m looking very forward to seeing this and yes, I’ll be paying the (presumably) $19.99 VOD to rent this coming weekend.

Remember that, moviegoers, because the studios could — and below I will argue should — release more movies intended for theaters while so many are home ready to watch them.

Check out what Anna Kendrick has to say on her official Twitter account about the new Trolls movie.

This. How to promote your upcoming movie. Every actor/actress should follow Anna Kendrick’s promotion playbook. If you can’t say something positive, then say nothing, especially in these times.

The actress makes it pretty clear that sheโ€™d prefer fans see the movie in the safety of their own homes. That sentiment seems to be at the heart of why studios are making decisions like this — and they canโ€™t be easy decisions to make.

How Anna Kendrick Feels About Trolls World Tour Hitting Homes With No Theater Release – CINEMABLEND

Listen up, Tim Miller, Elizabeth Banks and others who didn’t know how to promote their new movies (see: How To Better Promote Your Next Films, Elizabeth Banks and Tim Miller), because this is the type of promotion that moviegoers want to see from creative people. We don’t want to hear your political or social views. We just want to hear you excited about however the movie is being released.

Kendrick could have gone into Debbie Downer mode and bummed us all out that the movie isn’t showing on the big screen, but no, she’s smarter than that. She realizes it’s nobody’s fault right now the theaters are closed. She’s excited that moviegoers can see it somewhere, somehow, someway. Huge props to her for the great attitude.

Should More New Wide Release Theater Movies Be Available on VOD?

Yes. Not the big tentpole movies, no, I understand delaying those because of the big budgets.

Go to Netflix or other streaming channels and cut deals, like: Paramount sharing The Lovebirds on Netflix, skipping theatrical release

(only problem with there is Netflix isn’t saying when this is being released)

No Time To Die should have been delayed, Fast & Furious, yes, Black Widow, yes. I don’t understand why A Quiet Place Part II was delayed. It wasn’t a large budget movie, at least as far as I know. It’s a sequel and could have tested the VOD marketplace as Trolls is going to do. It’s the perfect middle to lower tier movie with some good marketing juice to see how direct to home marketing would play out.

Also, there are a lot of movie fans out here hungry for new movies to watch. Fill the need. Stop saying you “have” to release on a big screen. You have a freaking captive market at home, a large market waiting right now. Delaying for months or a year or more if you don’t have a ridiculous budget (looking at you, $100 million budget club) is not servicing your customers.

In most businesses, this type of behavior is financial suicide. Take care of your customers, give them what they want.

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