NOW PLAYING REVIEWS (on VOD): Bloodshot, The Hunt

I’ve been delayed getting this posted hoping the theater closure would be short-lived. Clearly we’re past that fantasy, so I might as well get caught up with the final two films caught in the theater before they all closed.

Week #11,12, and 13 (this week) have all passed with no “now playing reviews in the theater.” There were other films playing in the theater that we haven’t seen yet: I Still Believe and Emma. I have another post about those two movies at a later date. For now, let’s get to those final two movies we saw in the theaters before the shutdown.

Bloodshot ⭐️⭐️½

Vin Diesel is front in center in this adaptation of the Valiant comic book character. He dies, then comes back aided by nanotech that repairs his wounds. I haven’t ever read the comics, but the character has familiar regenerative powers as Wolverine, sans the metallic endoskeleton.

Just left theater (no spoilers) review of Bloodshot

Sony gave away the first 9 minutes of the movie to tempt others to see it. March was a terrible month to gauge the performance of any movie and now it’s on VOD. It’s not recommended, unfortunately, because it’s just kind of a killjoy to watch. You think it’s going to be cool, it feels like it’s going to be … and then just isn’t.

I wouldn’t even call it serviceable, so save your $19.99 VOD purchase unless maybe you’re a diehard Valiant comics fan and want to show the brand some love. It’s tough to get a comic book movie adaptation made, especially if your company isn’t Marvel or DC.

The Hunt ⭐️⭐

W️as looking forward to seeing this last year when it got pulled to see if the hype and controversy were warranted. Um, no, it wasn’t. This movie played it too safe, if that’s even possible. They should have chosen a political side — red or blue — and just drilled on the nerve of the opposition. That’s what I was expected to see.

Leaving the theater for the last showing before the theater shutdown in Las Vegas

On the plus side, we do get some cool women on women fighting and some graphic, gory kills. Bonus points on the grenade carnage.

Can’t recommend either of these movies, but if you want to take a chance on one, the other or both, give them a blood-y (The Hunt) shot.

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