Dolly Parton Preplans Her 100th Birthday

Good ol’ Dolly Parton, known mostly for her prolific songwriting, signature voice and very large chests, but also for starring in movies like 9 to 5 and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

But did you know Dolly plans for the future? Dolly Parton has already planned her 100th birthday for the world.

At Dolly’s DreamMore Resort at Dollywood, housed in a wooden lockbox, is a song she has written called “My Place in History.” No one has heard it but Dolly herself, and it will remain locked there until her 100th birthday — January 19, 2046. On that day, whether Dolly is living or passed, her staff knows to open the box and release the recording to the world, her final gift to us all — as if the more than 60 studio albums, nearly one thousand songs, iconic film roles, and the infinite sparkle weren’t gift enough.

Dolly Parton Myth-Busts the Most Persistent Rumors About Her

Have you made plans for your 100th birthday? I’ll be happy to make it to 100. That seems like the age to say, “I made it” and then every day past that is just gravy.

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