Disney has pushed back the release date of Mulan. At a budget exceeding $200 million (take that, $100 million club, see: $100+ Million Movie Budgets Are Stupid) this is the most expensive live action Disney film ever by a female director.

They need to get it right in this current environment where the NBA has shut down, schools are being shuttered, Governors are declaring no more than 250 people can assemble in the same location and Disney is shutting down their own parks (only the 4th time since 1955!)

Just not the gambling the House of Mouse wants to take. Can’t say we blame them, but then again I don’t understand why they have to spend $200+ million on this movie anyway? Maybe the amazing visual effects and elaborate sets and costumes and locations demand this, but in this day and age, even for Disney, I seriously question the need for giant budget movies like this.

Am sure when it is released, it will be a gorgeous looking film. Whether or not it will be a great film, we’ll find out whenever Disney decides to release it.

Oh, and had to chuckle when I saw the Fatherly article stating that it should be released to streaming for a pay-per-view price.

As parents, we must choose carefully what movies we attend at the best of times. Given the option, many families would likely stream Mulan on the opening weekend versus seeing it in the theater, coronavirus or no. With kids suffering from cabin fever and parents at their wits’ end, the decision would be even easier today—and if a direct-to-steaming strategy worked now, it could become the new normal for film distribution.

After Canceling ‘Mulan’ Disney Should Put It Up On Streaming | Fatherly

So, let’s take a look at the official trailer and see what all this expensive fuss is about.

Mulan official trailer — was supposed to be released March 27, but Disney has changed it to “TBA 2020”

I’ve not seen Mulan the animated version, so can’t compare the two. When it came to The Lion King ⭐️⭐️⭐️ that I saw last year, I had seen the animated version and liked it better than the live action. No frame of reference here. Not really that interested in the animated version, although the trailer for the live action version seems somewhat promising.

Samurais are cool. This has the feel of that era where the sword dominated. I’d be really down for a darker movie than the story Disney will probably tell, but I may come out really loving this one. It seems a bit like it might appeal more to women than men, but maybe I’ll be wrong on that. Those that have seen the animated film can tell me what they think of that in the comments. I just checked Disney+ and the animated film is available there and even a sequel that I didn’t know existed.

Do we need to see one or both of these for comparison purposes? What do you think?

As of this posting, Mulan has no official release date announced, it was going to widely be released on March 27, 2020.

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