These reality movies where the camera is supposedly catching “real” reactions leave me a bit detached. I have a hard time believing in the reactions. They work better in a reality TV show format, I guess.

Not saying this movie won’t be hilarious, but this particular genre I have a hard time staying in the story and suspending my belief.

Given how scared so many people are due to global concerns I don’t need to mention, the sheer joys of seeing Eric Andre accidentally stick his hand in a blender or have his vacuum cleaner remove his clothes might just be what we need; assuming the theaters remain open and the release of the film is not delayed. We will all die, right?

Eric Andre Brings Real Jokes To Real People In Bad Trip Red Band Trailer – NewsDio

The trailer looks packed with fun.

As of this post — and very much subject to change in our current movie climate worldwide — Bad Trip is scheduled to open in theaters on April 17, 2020.

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