38% of U.S Adults Polled Support Closing Movie Theaters

Empty theaters could soon be a mandated scenario .. if the coronavirus isn’t contained soon

In Washington State, where we reside the governor has just imposed a “no gatherings over 250 people” ban on concerts and sporting events. Casinos remain exempt I guess because, well, they are run on tribal lands. Luckily, no movie theaters should be impacted by this new temporary proclamation.

Still, it feels like we’re headed toward there. Look at how many would support closing movie theaters too.

Around 44% of U.S. adults said they would oppose the temporary shutdown of movie theaters, but around 38% said they would support closures, according to a report from Morning Consult and The Hollywood Reporter. The survey of 2,200 U.S. adults was conducted from March 5-7. 

Hollywood sales threatened as coronavirus pandemic worsens

2,200 people is a very small sample size, but of that many polled 38% support a temporary closure of movie theaters due to the coronavirus outbreak.

We tend to go at times when theaters aren’t completely full, but our favorite movie day is Thursday and more and more people seem to be filling up the theater on opening night. I don’t know what this weekend will be like, attendance-wise, but at least in our area, attendance seems to be increasing, not decrasing.

Of course that could just be that more people want to see the movies coming out than anything to do with the coronavirus.

My feelings are clear to most readers by now: new movies should be streamed at least temporarily. Opening to and playing to limited screenings, because more and more theaters are closed seems counterproductive. See: During China’s Current Theatrical Shutdown Why Not Offer Streaming as Alternative Screening Option?

Before panic sets in, it’s important to remember the vast number of people who are infected are recovering perfectly fine. It’s just like any other cold/flu. Older people with health problems and those with high risk immune systems have the most to worry about.

Kara works at a grocery store chain and people are buying all kinds of groceries. Holing up as if there is an impending nuclear war, buying canned goods, water, hand sanitizer and, some, are buying vodka because they think that can be an alternative sanitizer.

The world isn’t ending, but an increasing number of people seem to be treating it like that’s an inevitable outcome.

One thought on “38% of U.S Adults Polled Support Closing Movie Theaters

  1. I 100% agree with that last part. This morning I and a friend went to our local Target to buy a couple of things, and the toilet paper and disinfectant were near gone. The friend was very paranoid, like, keeping her hands in her pockets whenever she could and constantly spraying sanitizer.

    At one point, she asked me “Doesn’t this feel like the Apocalypse?” . I said, “Of course not, more of a light hurricane” .

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