10 Movie Releases Pushed Back, Some Simply “TBA” – New Movie Review Rationing

The Outbreak continues … schools closing in the Seattle and surrounding areas for a month

Who else is bummed out by all these new movie releases being pushed back? I know, I know, public safety! I wanted to see these new movies.

Wish they would give us an opportunity to pay and stream them at home somehow. Doesn’t appear like Hollywood wants anything to do with that idea, but I can always dream.

After No Time To Die went from April to November, it was a clear sign more titles would be pushed back. Not that I’m Nostradamus or anything, but I predicted which titles to watch for (Mulan and F9 – but also keep your eyes on Black Widow) and, sure enough, some mentioned have already been pushed back, see: Even James Bond isn’t immune to coronavirus, No Time to Die pushed back to¬†November

Forbes has a list of 10 new movies, including one that was scheduled for next week that I was hugely looking forward to seeing: A Quiet Place Part II.

No Time To Die: Release moved from April 10 to November 25
My Spy: Release moved from March 13 to April 17
Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway: Release moved from April 3 to August 7
A Quiet Place Part II: Release moved from March 18, new release date TBA
Fast Furious: F9: Release moved from May 22, 2020 to April 2, 2021
The Lovebirds: Release moved from April 3, new release date TBA
Blue Story: Release moved from March 20, new release date TBA
Mulan: Release moved from March 27, new release date TBA
The New Mutants: Release moved from April 3, new release date TBA
Antlers: Release moved from April 17, new release date TBA

Hollywood Braces For Coronavirus Slump: The Movie Releases Pushed Back So Far

New Movie Rationing in Progress

Tonight I saw Bloodshot (review pending), but have decided to wait on watching and reviewing the other new movies until next week. I’m on vacation in Las Vegas and it appears right now like no new movies will be widely released next week in theaters — A Quiet Place Part II was scheduled, but as mentioned above, that’s now been pushed back — so we’ll catch up with The Hunt, I Still Believe, Emma and whatever else is out there playing next week.

I’m real curious what the movie theaters are going to be showing. This could provide some serious leg power to existing movies to stay playing in the theaters longer than they normally would because nothing new will be pushing them out.

The theater for a Thursday was spooky empty tonight.

As for opening wide and now playing reviews posts that we do weekly? Have to stay tuned on what happens there. Our coming soon lists are going to be all jacked up now, too, thanks to all these release date changes. If there is any silver lining to this, there should be a lot of new movies in a few months, when all this virus stuff blows over — and hopefully it does.

In the meantime, if this drought of new movies being released continues, I might need to turn to older movies and good TV shows to profile and cover in the meantime.

This virus stuff will sort itself out at some point, but keep seeing more and more movies getting canceled, moved, put on hiatus and “TBA.”

2 thoughts on “10 Movie Releases Pushed Back, Some Simply “TBA” – New Movie Review Rationing

  1. Man, ‘New Mutants’ never seems to get a break, does it. Also, just watched that Bloodshot review on your channel. I’m interested why you “like the 80s”, perhaps you could go more into that… I dunno, trying to concoct some ideas for you.

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