Karma – Harvey Weinstein’s first injury in jail due to falling

Harvey Weinstein without a walker in prison takes a tumble, may have concussion

The ink on Harvey Weinstein’s prison paperwork is barely dry and he’s already injured — but not from violence by another prisoner, from falling.

As asserted by his attorneys, maybe Weinstein’s walker wasn’t just for show during his trial, after all.

On Saturday night, Weinstein took a tumble after trying to walk on his own. “He fell on his head and thinks he has a concussion,” Engelmayer said. “His head has been pounding since yesterday.”

Harvey Weinstein ‘miserable,’ locked up with two cellmates on Rikers Island

Forgive my lack of care and concern for Harvey Weinstein. I don’t have any sympathy for those convicted of sexual assault and am strong believer in karma and cosmic justice. What comes around goes around. This is, in part, why The Twilight Zone (1959) is my favorite TV show of all time. Rod Serling shared powerful morality tales, often punishing the bad and rewarding the good.

He also believed, as I do, in redemption. Time will tell how this all works out for Mr. Weinstein. Nobody needs me continuing to join the chorus of boos, so I’m making this my ending on the topic.

In fairness, I draw attention to the other side: when people who keep screwing up are on the mend, see: Artie Lange @artiequitter Clean and Sober Still Making Us Laugh with Halfway House Podcast

So, this will likely be my last post about the disgraced movie mogul — until a movie comes out about him, he’s released from prison or dies. Hey, hey, hey he’s in Bill Cosby territory now.

Think it’s fair to say the story has about as satisfactory ending as we can hope for. Crime and punishment for a top movie mogul at one time, a fierce businessman who abused his power and women. It’s got sex, power and money. All the trappings of an entertaining movie that someone, somewhere will make someday.

Maybe its starts with him unzipping his pants, an aspiring actress being pushed to her knees, deprived of her dignity and respect, and ends with him falling to his knees in prison, deprived of the use of his walker.

End credits roll.

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